Do You Want A Flat Tummy Fast?! Read This and Follow These Tips Today

The stomach area is a trouble spot for many people because that is where most people gather fat. If you have this challenge too, follow these tips today to get a flatter tummy.

1, Drink Water:

It sounds very simple but water is essential for keeping your stomach flat. Drinking a lot of water helps your body digest your food fast and wash out any excess quickly. Water flushes out your system so there’s less residue to be stored as fat. Not drinking enough water can lead to bloating which makes your belly appear bigger than it really is.

2, Reduce Salt Intake:

Too much salt is toxic to the system and this is why our bodies excrete it in sweat. Salt causes water retention which can cause a big belly.
According to experts, reducing your salt intake will help your body release water it has been retaining to help dilute high salt levels in your body. Cut down on your salt intake to help prevent a bloated tummy.

3, Don’t Rush Your Food:

Make sure you slow down and sit down at all mealtimes. It will help you relax and focus on what you are eating. And make sure you mind your manners. Eating with your mouth closed, and not talking while you are chewing, will reduce the amount of air that would otherwise get trapped in your stomach making it bigger.

4, Laugh Out Loud:

Laughing is a fantastic and fun way to tone up your abdominal muscles. Every time you have a good laugh, you are helping to strengthen your stomach muscles and having fun too.

5, Drink Green Tea:

Research has shown a direct link between green tea and smaller waists. Green tea contains compounds called catechins, which increase the release of fat from fat cells, help boost energy expenditure and speed up the burning of fat by the liver which means less fat for your stomach to store.

6, Exercise:

To get rid of the fat making your stomach big, you need exercise. Do sit ups and pull ups. Push ups are good too. Also do cardio exercises like walking, jogging and swimming. They are very effective for fat burning.

7, Smaller Portions:

Eating big portions of food at a go expands your stomach muscles and makes your tummy big. Instead spread your daily intake into about 5 meals with smaller portions. This will keep your stomach in shape.

8, Don’t Eat Late:

Eating late is one of the biggest causes of a big belly. This is because your body doesn’t have enough time to digest the body before you go to sleep so most of it is stored as fat. The ideal time to stop eating is 7pm but if you have to eat late, make sure you eat just a little food and no carbohydrates.

Follow these tips today and watch your tummy shrink fast!



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