Daddy Showkey plans return


Ajegunle star Daddy Showkey has officially announced that he his breaking back into the music industry. He said that he has a new studio album in the pipes.

In a recent interview,  he answered questions about his music and his son’s music career.

Excerpts from the interview:

You’ve been scarce on the music scene lately. What brings you here today?

As you can see, we artistes are gathered together to deliberate on how we can help the flood victims in Delta State. Like my place Isoko in general is affected. I’m from Delta State. And you see, sometimes we ignore things. If when things become a problem that’s when we start coming together. But why I’m happy that we are even coming together is the fact that beyond talking we are actually working out modalities on how we can help these displaced people. We as artistes, we need to learn how to use our star power to help society and that’s what we are doing.

What has been happening to you?

I’ve been going through some things in recent times but I thank God I’ve overcome them. Some people were after my life to kill me. I could not go on stage to perform because of the fear of being shot. But I thank God that God has taken control of that.

So, all the while that you were missing on the music scene, what were you doing?

Business, but it’s not something I want to talk about.

So, musically, what is the next thing for you?

Just watch and see because right now I cannot tell you that this is what is coming, but just watch and see.

Are you working on any album at the moment?

Yes, right now I’m working on a single, and immediately I’m done with that an album will follow.

Your son, Raymond, 15 years, I learnt, is showing interest in music but that he does not have your support. Why?

You see, first of all, he should concentrate on his education because let me tell you even though you want to became a musician, education is the first thing. When I was little, I knew what my mother went through to get me to concentrate on my education but I was stubborn; I allowed music to take me away from education. Although I succeeded, but education-wise I know how it has affected me. That is why I made it as a mandate, if you want to do music, first of all concentrate on education because music is a powerful spirit, it might take him away from his education. Entertainment in general is a powerful spirit. Like me, I started entertainment when I was small but I will get my son not to make my mistake. That is the reason.


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