Corruption Massive Under Jonathan – US

The United States government on Friday indicted the President Goodluck Jonathan led Federal Government of massive and widespread corruption.


According to the United States Department of State, government officials and agencies frequently engage in corrupt practices with impunity.

This was contained in the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2012, which was released on Friday evening.

In the report, the judiciary and security agencies, especially the police, were said be lacking in transparency.

It read in part,“The law provides criminal penalties for official corruption; however, the government did not implement the law effectively, and officials frequently engaged in corrupt practices with impunity. Massive, widespread, and pervasive corruption affected all levels of government and the security forces. The constitution provides immunity from civil and criminal prosecution for the president, vice president, governors, and deputy governors while in office.

“There was a widespread perception judges were easily bribed and litigants could not rely on the courts to render impartial judgments. Citizens encountered long delays and alleged requests from judicial officials for bribes to expedite cases or obtain favourable rulings.

“Police corruption remained rampant. Reports of checkpoint bribery and shooting incidents decreased in February after newly appointed Inspector General of Police Mohammed Abubakar announced the closure of all police checkpoints across the country; however, illegal checkpoints remained common in some regions. Police routinely stopped drivers who did not commit traffic infractions, refusing to allow them to continue until they paid bribes,” it stated.

Highlighting events that occurred in the country in last year that portrayed lack of transparency and probity, the US government listed the escape of the suspected mastermind of the Boko Haram 2011 Christmas Day bombing from custody, noting how the police commissioner, who aided the suspect went unpunished; the conviction of former Delta State governor James Ibori in the Southwark Crown Court in London of charges of money laundering and other financial crimes totaling N12.4bn, after he was acquitted by a Nigerian court; and the N1.067trn fuel subsidy fund lost to “endemic corruption and entrenched inefficiency” as examples.

It stated that, “In July, the government released a list of those who had benefited illegally from the subsidy program, which included relatives and colleagues of key government officials. In late July, the EFCC began arraigning suspects, first with a group of 20 indictments, including six oil companies and 11 individuals. By year’s end, the EFCC initiated prosecutions of approximately 50 cases related to the subsidy scam. The majority of these cases involved companies and individuals who had fraudulently received subsidy revenue. Investigations and trials had not produced any convictions by year’s end.”

The US document also faulted the refusal of public officials to declare their assets as stipulated by law.

It stated that in June 2012, the Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project and other groups demanded that President Jonathan should disclose his assets from 2007 to 2012 but that Jonathan refused.

The report also rated the anticorruption efforts of the Independent Corrupt Practises and other related offences Commission and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission as “largely ineffectual,” adding that despite ICPC’s wide mandate, it had only achieved 60 convictions since its inauguration in 2000.

It also listed a number of cases being handled by the EFCC that have remained inconclusive, including the case of alleged misappropriation of one N1bn against former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dimeji Bankole, and N40bn against his deputy Usman Nafada; and the cases against four former governors Gbenga Daniel, Adebayo Alao-Akala, Aliyu Akwe Doma, and Muhammed Danjuma Goje, for allegedly misappropriating N58bn, N25bn, N18bn, and N12.8bn, respectively.

Apart from corruption, the US accused the Federal Government of numerous unlawful killings.

It decried frequent abduction of civilians and lack of press freedom, highlighting cases, where journalists were harassed and beaten up.

It also noted widespread discrimination against persons with disability.

The Presidency, however, described the report as an incorrect assessment of the situation in the country.

Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Dr. Reuben Abati, warned Nigerians to be wary of such assessments which he described as “parachute researches.”

He said contrary to the picture the report painted, the present administration has remained the most transparent government since the return of democracy to Nigeria.

He said it was in the spirit of transparency that the present administration exposed the scam in the downstream sector of the petroleum industry and passed the Freedom of Information Bill.

He said, “In 2012 that the report is talking about, the EFCC alone got more than 200 convictions. This is in public domain.

“This government did an audit to eliminate waste and leakages in the system.

“On the checkpoints they talked about, it is important that they identify the difference between checkpoints and stop-and-search operation which is required especially in tackling security challenges.

“Nigerians should be wary of these external assessors that jump into conclusion. What are the parameters used in arriving at their conclusion? How scientific are the analysis?

“They assess Nigeria based on the instinct of a parachuter who jumps put of an aircraft without a fair knowledge of where he is landing.”

Source: Punch Nigeria


  1. The US is only pointing out to us ,that which is unmistakably vivid to all well-meaning Nigerians. No amount of defence by the Abatis of this World can blindfold us or absolve the GEJ admin of inefficiency.

  2. I remember with nostalgia how Abati once stood tall among journalist in this country by passionatley dissecting the issue of corruption in his several article published by thursday guardian. Ooh!!! How are the mighty falling…

  3. there is nothing Abati want to say now, that has not be said before. You cannot deceive us all because we know the America are sayin the truth and nothing but the truth. Mr Rubben Abati you are an “EMPIRE OF UNFILTERED LIES” and a BUNDLE OF UNGRATEFUL ELEMENT. Thunder fire you.

  4. Indeed d US result is most correct assessment of the situation in Nig. Mr abati I gat one question for you Sir, you said “it was in the spirit of transparency that the present administration exposed the scam in the downstream sector of the petroleum industry” very correct, but pls which of them is facing d full rot tell us Sir ?

  5. The assessment by the. United State Government is quite wrong, Personally, I don’t belong to any party, but I think this is a false statement and must come from the opposition party. According to Abarti we should be careful. Any body reading through it should also count the good things that has happened since the Leadership of President goodluck Jonathan. If you have not seen any good thing it is either you are dead in spirit or must have travelled out of the Country. Understand me, I am not doubting that Corruption has not taken over the Country, Insecurity and so on, but my Question is this? When did all this things started and who is sponsoring them if I may talk, is it not still the Opposition Party. Please nobody should deceive Nigerians. Let us be Warned, for to be four armed is to be……., Let us be sincere to ourselves, what are we agitating? Why wasting innocent bloods, why using fools to destroy our God’s given country, but remember any of us who’s hand or ambition is to destroy this country will have no hidden place rather he or she will also be destroyed no matter the time. There shall be no peace for the person and his household. Nigerian’s please allow peace to reign. Charity begins at home. I am crying for this country. I saw blood, discrimination, Selfish Interest, May God help us.

    • The US assessment is 99.9% correct left wit only 0.1.But urs is only abt 50% right only if u can highlight wat good GEJ govt has done

  6. Abati is only doing his job. It is clear to all nigerian that this govt is full of corruption. EFCC, ICPC are toothless agency working for toothless president of People Decieve People’s party

  7. We should work together and allow peace to reign. People are dying every second, Ewoo innocent bloods are crying. Let us give peace chance to reign in this country. We are all leaders let’s talk to our children, let them resist and shun Violent. Terrorism this is bad omen and something must be done fast to stop it. Criticism may not stop it but ACTION,

  8. Abati is only doing his job. It is clear to all nigerian that this govt is full of corruption. EFCC, ICPC are toothless agency working for toothless president of People Decieve People’s party.

  9. When d poor is oppressed, d creator is unhappy. D rich gets richer & d poor gets poorer is the situation in Nigeria. D world is watching u all, politicians. All some of u do is squander d money in billions and trillions & expect d poor to worship u as demi-god. What d U.S said is true & very practicable in Nigeria today. How long will d corrupt practices continue? We’re fed up.


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