Chukwumerije Faults Supreme Court On MASSOB Leader Treason Charge


Senator Uche Chukwumerije, has described the recent Supreme Court ruling on treason charge brought against the leader of Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, Chief Ralph Uwazuruike, and six others as a reprimand against anyone who took the part of non-violence approach to issues.

Speaking in Lagos, the Chairman, Senate Committee on Education regretted that other groups that took up arms against the state were granted amnesty, while MASSOB leadership was being tried for treason, despite being non-violent.

“Let me first concede to the Supreme Court because in the wisdom of law, I am not supposed to comment on it, but I will see that judgment as a supreme irony on what is happening in the country today. I see it as a supreme reprimand of any protester who takes the part of peace and peace resolution.

“MASSOB had all its life been against the use of violence. And what it is getting in reward is to be charged for treason and other organisations from OPC, to the Niger Delta militants to the present Boko Haram are now being lionised and given amnesty and rewarded for taking up arms against the country.

“I now see what is happening to MASSOB as a continuation of the civil war and discrimination against the Igbo, but I just want to state that when you continue cheating on people like this because you think they are down and out, you are creating a cesspool which would explode one day. It happened at the end of the first World War among the Germans.”

“When you talk about Boko Haram or any other terrorist organisation, they don’t come from the moon. They live among people, so everybody knows everybody. Therefore, if you have a highly patriotic and civil society, you will be able to say that it is Mr A or Mr B that is behind it. But that population has been alienated and it is because of decades of misrule in the country.”


  1. The govt are forcing Ndi Igbo to be voilent in their agitation and if they start it would be deadly than ever witnessed in this country.

    Peaceful demonstration does not constitute any offence.

    Govt should without any further delay withdraw the case against Massob.

  2. And wot are the MASSOBIANS waiting for?. This is the best time to act…… MEND got amnesty for violence, Boko Haram is being negotiated with, amnesty-wise for violence, but see the reward of non-violence appraoch taken by MASSOB… I always say it,, any strugle without violence is a mere jungle play. I hate it. If we cant do let us 4get it, but if we have agreed that there must be Biafra, let us take our girdle.

  3. MASSOB should confine its agitation to the quest for equality, justice, fair play and good governance for all the components of the Nigerian Federation. If all these are enthroned in Nigeria the Igbos would excel once again. Let others carry the arms and do the killings. Spilling of innocent blood is not acceptable to the Igbo psyche. Lets us also work collectively to make Igbo land a safe place for our prominent sons to come home and invest. The greatest threat to Igbo existence today is the criminalization of Igboland: kidnapping, armed robbery, etc has made investment and in Igboland almost a non issue. All organizations that have the welfare of Igboland and Igbos at heart should focus on these issues.


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