A Corrupt President Cannot Rid The Country Of Corruption – Late Fawehinmi’s Widow

Mrs Fawehinmi
Mrs Fawehinmi

Widow of the late Human Rights activist Chief Gani Fawehinmi, Mrs. Ganiat Fawehinmi, has described political leaders in the country as having some mental disorders saying this is the reason they have remained corrupt beyond pardon.

Speaking during the 75th posthumous birthday organised by civil society groups in Lagos for her late husband, Mrs Fawehinmi lamented that the country had been taken over by a syndicate, and she pointed President Goodluck Jonathan as head of the syndicate.

Fawehinmi said any Nigerian who thinks the President is truly committed to the fight against corruption was enjoying self-deception as she stated that “a corrupt President cannot rid the country of corruption.”

She said the country was currently wallowing in self-pity as those appointed by the President including the country’s Minister of Petroleum, Deziani Alison-Madueke, the Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, and a host of others have now decided to wreck the system while the citizens look on.

She therefore warned President Goodluck Jonathan not to seek a second term in office as she, with many like-minded Nigerians would campaign against his success at the polls.

“Ebele Jonathan himself is corrupt. Therefore, how can he effectively fight corruption?

“If he is not corrupt, why would he grant pardon to Alamieyeseigha instead of asking that he return all that the man had stolen?

“This is a government by syndicate. People have made up their minds that they are not going to vote for him in 2015. He is deceiving himself, except they rig that election for him and that in itself has consequences.

“I am as resolute as before and stand for anything that will change this country for good,” she said.

Fawehinmi noted that the insecurity in the country is the result of the insensitivity of the leaders of the country to the poverty in the land.

“Our leaders have mental problem. God will punish them. They would account for all the souls that were lost due to the Boko haram,” she said.

Fawehinmi recalled that her husband once discovered that the revenue generated from oil could cater for the educational needs of every child of school age in the country and still fix infrastructure.

“There is no light and we spend a lot of money on diesel yet we get huge bills. Many industries have gone to other countries where they manufacture and bring finished products to us.

“We must become resolute and take our destinies in our hands. Let them continue to teargas us; our heavenly Lord will continue to teargas them and their children yet unborn.

“We should begin to vote for people who mean well for us. There are so many families who cannot even afford a square meal.

“We must stop hailing all those rogues. They steal your money and you call them baba o,” she said adding that this must stop.

The widow of the late legal icon, further lamented that the Fawehinmi family had not been able to take care of beggars as stipulated in his will because the first trustees of her husband’s will have become a hindrance not making money available for the less privileged.

“In a decent society, I don’t think any organisation would clamour for his (Gani Fawehinmi) immortalisation especially considering what he has done for this country.

“But we don’t have leaders. There’s no security, infrastructure, no work for the youths. Is this a country?

“Those to whom he wants to grant amnesty have said they do not want it. Amnesty should come after a dialogue with the members of the sect, not granting it in a vacuum. And that is why we have advised him to change his advisers and bring in people who have brains and who can tell him the truth,” she said concerning the Boko Haram sect and their activities in major northern cities and communities in the country, adding that “there cannot be smoke without fire.”

Mrs Fawehinmi warned that the country was already drifting towards anarchy and must be rescued from President Jonathan at this stage.

The civil society groups led by Comrade Ayodele Akele had urged the government to, among other things, name the Human Rights Commission headquarters after him.


  1. Good observation! The truth is, this bunch of jokers often think that they are doing the right thing when ofcourse it is clear to every Nigerians that the situation has gone from bad to worse. Whether we like it or not, this criminals dont have the capacity to deliver this country and give us the change we have been crying for in the last thirteen years. Our only option as citizens of this great country is to vote them out of power come 2015.

  2. wen d northerners were in power for 4ty years nobody stoped dem frm second term in ofice but now d s/east s/south ar holdin stearin everybody now discovers dat joe is corupt includin our beautiful mumy nd pride of africa ngozi okonjo. No woman in yoruba land bot livin nd the dead can be like her, wot yoruba ladies specializes is prostution cos their men ar lazy nd unemployed so they go for hardworkin ibo boys in lagos who hav money to count

  3. @mat, your are a selfish element who does not only wish goodness for Nigeria but also prosperous downfall for Nigeria. You only want your people to rule at the detriment of Nigeria. If Nigeria is not rescue now from the hands of syndicate and corrupted leader like Jonathan, she will fall and you and your selfish interest will fall along with it and the ambition of your people to rule becomes unrealizable. Mat you called your self, please change your mind-set. An upright Ibo and Niger-Deltan will testify that he or she enjoys the atmosphere during the era of Northerns than the current predicament of Jonathan administration.

  4. Madam Fawehinmi, thank you for your passion for the Nigerian state. But I believe you should know those who are wrecking havoc on the Nigerian state. Iweala is not among them. SHe is a model that we are all proud of her work.

  5. @ mat, your comments were based on ignorance and prejudice against yoruba tribe. Mrs Fawehinmi’s speech was her observation on national issues which you have no intellectual contribution to make. Are you a born sceptic?I wish I could pretend to take no notice of your vulgar and moral decadent expression about yoruba women, what an absurd idea. You absolutely deserverd what is coming onto you for deviating from the main subject to inflict insult on yoruba race and ancestors. May God punish your big mouth for lack of wisdom. I don’t know your age but I can tell from your comments which prove you a deliquent teenager. I advice you to go back to your village. I will assist you with money if you don’t have. Inquire from your dead or living elders how and where promiscuity and prostitution started, shit face.regardin you being a guy, we know what they do, all are obscurity to an opulence. Mat think twice before you make further appearance on any contribution on this media otherwise you will incite vulnerable yoruba women to shit and unirate in that big mouth of yours.


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