6 Odd Positions Women Should Never Occupy

For your own good don’t assume any of these positions. If you find yourself in one, do whatever it takes to get yourself out of these weird traps.
Full time house wife.
If you are an educated full time house wife, this is what your CV would look like; Occupation: Child minder. Previous position held: Husband tender. Highest qualification: Three children. Experience: Washing men and children clothes, cooking home made food,cleaning and wiping furniture, bed making.
If you are uneducated, this is what your future would look like; In one year: lost all your beauty and dress sense. In two years: Your husband sees you as unwanted liability. In three years: Your baby has multiple health issues. In four years: You may start prostituting.
So women, it is better to be a road side seller or credit card vendor than a full time house wife.
Official Mistress.
You’re not only Personal Assistant or Confidential Secretary to him, your boss uses you as official mistress and humping tool.
Of course you both know he has a beautiful wife at home and two wonderful kids. But who cares? You are certain of your job position. Believe it, what you are not certain of is, your life –time achievements.
Yes, times are hard. Men want friends with benefits and all that. Women, it is better to sell your talent than sell your body. Next time you want to get something desperately from him, tell him to use your head and not your bottom. It works more profitably.
Wicked Step Mother
If you can’t cope, don’t marry a widower with children. Why maltreat another woman’s child and still hope to have your own? Many a woman have poisoned their biological child in the bid to poison their step-child. Ever read “The victims”? Get a copy.
Husband thief
Count four young women, three have sugar daddies, one is pregnant for another woman’s husband. Women, to use another’s man and be used by him, is a curse on its own. Be it in secret, in open or in private, every fornicatress or adultress has heaped curses on herself and generation.
If a married man comes after you, treat him like a leper.
Every year nursing mother.
Women your bodies are vessels of the holy spirit not a body making machine! Every woman needs to be a mother. What is weird is being a multiple mother. If you have six children in five years, you are a serial nymphomaniac. Enough is enough.
May those you have eyes, read.

posted by susan


  1. Good write up…very educating to the women folk…….@cj why not study the content of this post b4 dissing the writer? it sure would help the women around you….


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