Suntai Moved To U.S For Better Treatment… Not Expected Home Soon, Doctor Reveals

SuntaiThe Chief Medical Director (CMD) of Taraba State Specialist Hospital Jalingo, Professor Zakari Aliyu who granted an interview concerning the health status of Governor Danbaba Suntai, appeared before the ad hoc committee of the Taraba State House of Assembly on Tuesday.

The doctor who appeared before a five-member ad hoc committee of the Assembly, disclosed that based on his recommendation, Suntai was about three days ago moved from Germany where he has been receiving treatment to an American hospital and added that Suntai might not return to duty soon.

Professor Zakari, who earlier stated in an interview that Suntai had lost some cognitive abilities due to a brain injury, stood by what he said.

Zakari said that his interview was meant to draw attention to the fact that Suntai needed to be moved to a better health facility as he was dissatisfied with the condition he met him during his visit to Germany and had earlier written a memo to the Acting Governor, Alhaji Garba Umar, in February this year to that effect.

“I granted the interview with sincerity of mind and purity of purpose,” Prof Zakari told the committee.

Zakari also denied that he gave confidential information on Suntai’s health to the press. He also stated why Suntai should not be expected any time soon.

According him, “When I arrived in Germany, I met the physicians of the governor and we reviewed the details of his medical report. I asked the nurses attached to the governor and they made available to me all his medical records,” he said adding that “Given the nature of His Excellency’s condition, he can’t be expected home in one or two weeks.”

Professor Zakari however told the committee that he is not the direct personal physician to the governor, but he a Consultant that oversees the personal physician to Suntai, adding that he has been treating the governor for the past five years and knows more about his medical history.

He told the committee that Governor   Suntai has three chronic medical health conditions which he has been treating for the past five years.

“Since I am the consultant overseeing his personal physician, the routine interview I granted on his condition was to ginger up the acting governor to hasten Suntai’s movement to U.S. which I am glad they finally did,” he said.



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