Psy Now Face Of Korean Cosmetics Brand And Postal Stamps

psy brand

Korean pop phenom Psy made the world his own when his hit song Gangnam Style was released. The song ended up breaking Justin Bieber’s record as the most viewed on YouTube. Whatever money Psy has gotten from Gangnam Style, it isn’t over yet, as his internationally known horse dance Psy has now used to giddy up some sideline cash cows.

The “Gangnam Style” originator is now the face of a men’s skincare line and has his viral mug pasted on postal stamps, Billboard reports.

The 35-year-old artist has boosted sales for Korea’s Energy Factory line of lotions for men, selling an “impressive 200,000 bottles” in just a month, not only hitting their target demographic of 20-year-old males, but even men in their 30s and 40s, according to owner/ major Korean cosmetics brand Somang.

But Psy isn’t just showing good face. He was reportedly involved in every stage of the creative process including picking the ingredients, designing the packages and marketing the goods. The promotional video has unsurprisingly racked up upwards of 550,000 views.

And what better way to celebrate his radiant skin than to have it decorate a series of limited-edition postal stamps? The special pop art-inspired designs — which show Psy doing his infamous dance — are available at 22 post offices in Seoul and online at Postar Art Shop and the YG Entertainment-run online store. [Vibe]


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