PHOTO: See Genevieve Nnaji Without Make-Up. Natural Beauty!

The popular Nollywood actress actress Genevieve Nnaji posted this photo on her instagram page yesterday.



  1. you don’t need to make up againt you are naturally gifted praise God for given you that. and don’t be proud us it to serve him

  2. Do u guys really know how a beautiful woman looks? Shit! She’s damn ugly, no natural beauty at all: make up hides a lot

  3. Ur beauty is wen u wakeup in d morning wit no stop running ur mouThs,am sure non of u here are beautiful as u lament here.Go get a life motherfuckas

  4. Read ur bible very well! God made man in his own image&likeness, dat means we all are beautiful&wonderful creature of God. Pls I am more prettier then she does. If she fine na 4 ha pocket notin concern me wit ha beauty. She fine Y she no win miss world.

  5. Thanks for all the – and + comment. The most important thing is that u haven’t change anything abt her. (if nobody talks abt u then u’re nobody)


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