Nigerian Gay Church Resume Operations In Lagos

Less than five years after Nigeria-only gay church, House of Rainbow, was attacked by some Lagos residents and consequently closed down in Nigeria, the church has returned to the country with three secret groups in the African most populous nation.


With this development, Nigeria appears to lead other countries where the church currently operates.

Founded by Nigerian-born gay, Rev. Rowland Jide Macaulay, House of Rainbow, which came to Nigeria in 2006, is “an inclusive and affirming religious community open and welcome to all people including sexual minorities and marginalised people, a monthly gathering of ‘people of faith’ for ‘prayer and praise’, which focuses on the person’s journey towards reconciliation of sexuality and spirituality.”

Macaulay, a trained lawyer and son of a reverend who owns a massive church in Lagos, is leading the comeback even though he remains in self-imposed exile in London, where sources said he currently enjoys lots of financial sponsorship for the movement.

Unlike in the pre-2008 when the church openly operated at Jakande Estate, Isolo, and Berger in Lagos, Macaulay, who is the backbone of the movement, is not secretive of the meeting places and time of the church in Nigeria, but has instituted a very stringent process to screen prospective members of coming to join the church.

It was learnt that aside Nigeria, the church has two groups each in Ghana and United Kingdom (UK).

“We now have new groups in Malawi and Ghana. There are currently three groups in Nigeria, two each in Ghana and the UK and one each in Malawi, Lesotho and Burundi. All these groups are managed by volunteers,who are appointed through a rigorous ‘Local Leader Application’ process.

“We currently have 12 appointed Local Leaders in 6 countries. Currently we have over 25 outstanding applications for local leaders including, but not limited to the following locations: France, Netherlands, Cote d’Ivoire, Sierra-Leone. This has continued to strengthen the interest and work of House Of Rainbow particularly in Africa,” Macaulay


  1. i hope boko haram has heard abt their satanic instituted church n they know d next call of action, i av never supported terrorist group but 4 dis i don’t mind. We need not get 2 heaven b4 judgment is passed it ll start right here on earth!!! Thunder ll fire all of U hole fuckers.

    • Idiot so u thik u are better than them abi? Be fooling Ur stupid self……sin is sin and if u do not repent u r going straight to hell. Maybe u are a prostitute who knows yet u are sounding holy…..even if what they r doing is bad boko haram has no right….may u be the next victim of bomb attack so u will know u don’t wish rubbish on anyone….

  2. The world is coming to an end hearing this will marvels me, because i know we are at the end of the age, for demons are operating so fast. Having hear these make your way straight and be steadfast in prayer.

  3. That is the lifestyle of a Whiteman and his religion of Christianity that one can do whatever he likes without being checked. They introduced the hatred of Islam and Sharia which their followers in Nigeria promote through abuses and allegation because Sharia says whoever has fornication with his fellow sex will be punished through stoning. Now homosexuality is advocated by churches a part from other vices being committed such as fucking married women, leading gang of armed robbers by many pastors, lending arms to criminals hidden in the churches, etc.

    • U are really stupid and foolish for that idiotic statement… book haram God……do u not know that wether u are gay or not sin is sin and God will judge u the same way…….boko haram has no justification cos they are not holier than them……u ple think other sins are less grievous than this……I don’t support homosexuality but ple shld stop talking as if they r better……before God sin is sin so nobody has the right to kill anybody cos they feel they are less holy… shut that Ur stinking mouth cos boko haram has no right to kill…..

  4. @sanusi or whatever your name is,i having been following your illerate,misinformed,barbaric coments on this media. You should be careful with you insane utterances it everything you should exhibit your religious fanatism. If you do not know what to say please shut up .is illerates like you that BH uses for their senseless warned

    • Touche Musa. That was a tough one. And @Sanusi, the lord Jesus Christ never taught homosexuality. If you can take time to open the Bible, you will realise that the act of homosexuality is frowned upon. Those groups are not of Christ.

  5. Gay is evil and can never be a church, their are not christian but secret cult group. May God save his people from the evil of end time. Amen

  6. The world is at her End. Jesus is coming soon. Gay church, is equally Demonic church centre. ‘DCC.’ so, God destroyed Sodom and gomarrah due to this homosexualism and other sex perversions. E.g..Oral sex, Anal sex, lesbianism are all Demonic. ¤Jesus Comes ¤. D chosen.

  7. God forebid..i regret ever visiting dis site,am gona unlike u..imagine wot u @SANIwateva is say…u ar a disgrace to d sufrin n death of our Lord Jesus

  8. First the illuminates is taking in over our music and move starts little by little it seems like people are not talking about that, now Hmmm Gay church in Nigeria our country is turning out to be the America of Africa. what do we call this one revelation we are now in the last vase of the bible REVELATION (END TIME) so many things is been revealed may God help his people.

  9. Ok, now some of you are calling me illiterate for saying that churches are promoting vices such as having sex with married women,pastors leading armed robbers gang,hiring arms to criminals, etc. Also some say Christianity does not permit homosexual and another person there threatening and warning me. Therefore,what some of you have been calling Moslems and Islam whenever a Moslem commits any crime? You often say Islam promotes violence and Boko Haram is Islamic. So how do you refer evil to someone faith and sanctify yours cleverly?

  10. We the book TIMOTHY tell us in the END time stranges like these will happen,pls condem nobody you are to focuse on the way that you have chosen,and prayer that sain will not fall into their trap.THEYare anti-christ there one condition U S now they are not meet up they can transert business nor banking,here is NIGERIAS own.

  11. @Musa, Sanusi is very right. U r saying they r nt church product wen Its obvious dat its christians dat r improving this devilish act as u can see in the picture. May Allah open d eyes of everyone of you before its too late. Come to Islam coz it’s d only righteous religion for all of us

    • Omotola u are an idiot u and Ur stupid mouth……who told you there are no Muslim homosexuals? The Hausa ple have had gays as long as u can remember……what do u think a lot of these alhajis do? Hypocrites u think Islam is better than Christianity , u are a bloody joker…..u will be the first victim of that satanic boko haram

        • U xtians dnt kno anytin abt ur own religion. U only listen to wat ur pastors tells u. Anyway @Lulu, 4 ur in4mation….every prophet of God, is d truth, d way nd d light. U wil neva go 2 God(d father) except u go tru dem….because dey speak or av direct link to God. Durin d days of prophet moses, moses waz d way, d truth nd d light for his people. Becuz dey cuz only go to God(d Father) tru him. Mind u, jesus is no exception bcuz he made dis statment. Jesus is nt God, Lord or son of God. Bt jesus is jst a prophet like every oda prophet that has cum b4 him.

  12. It never ceases to amaze me how many people misuse d name ‘Christian’.D word means ‘Christ-like’ but I don’t c anytn Christ-like in this act of theirs.

  13. Damn bastard…May God use the people in the area to burn u all down….. people without consent….Damn motherfucking bastards

  14. It never ceases to amaze me how many people misuse d name ‘Christian’.D word means ‘Christ-like’ but I don’t c anytn Christ-like in this act of theirs.may God have mercy.

  15. @ Sanusi and supporter sister
    (Omotola), I assume U̶̲̥̅̊ saw the part where BH said they won’t stop killing innocent people until they turn the state to an Islamic one. If that’s what U̶̲̥̅̊ support then I’ll rather die a Loving Christian than a violent Muslim. I’m not an hater of Islam, everyone have the right to choose whom to follow. But it’s people like U̶̲̥̅̊ that makes people insult Islam. U̶̲̥̅̊ better go and change before God visit U̶̲̥̅̊ with his wrath for spoiling and soiling people that are identified with him. Because if U̶̲̥̅̊ say Christians are the one supporting this shameful act then U̶̲̥̅̊’re involving God also. I pray God will forgive U̶̲̥̅̊. We Nigerians are people of morals, we should not be known for this satanic act. People this is a time for repentance. The Kingdom of God is at hand. I’m not even surprised that they call themselves Christian! What would Satan have done if not blind the people more to the truth and discouraged them from seeing the light. Would they have said they are demonic? If U̶̲̥̅̊’re wise U̶̲̥̅̊’ll see what the devil is trying to do thru this people.

  16. May GOD help us. Bt i thought dem say any body dem cult pratising dis gay of a tin should b jail for 14 yrs den tll me wat is hpning in dis country bcs our leader’s of nowadays r nt straight forward may b dr r d leader of d cultism self we dont no

    • Y should they behead him? Do u thnk Ur sin of fornication or adultery or maybe u are an armed robber or 419 is better? Goa and read the bible if u are a Christian, you are all hell bound if u d not repent like them…. So stop r sanctimonious bullshit and go and sleep….it is their life and don’t c y anyone shld go to jail cos of their sexual preference….homosexuality is bad but nobody shld be jailed cos of that period…..

  17. why so many evils hiding under religion?boko harm claimed to be operating under Islam,which a capital lie. and now gay forming under Christianity. wonder shall never end

  18. @sanusi and co,u pple stop fightin religious war thru comment,bt muslim and christain re callin d same God base on our believes,we shud stop exchangin words God is one.

  19. I wonder y some pple still call dat name islam: when dey don’t know dia leader’s parents, where he was born, & where he was buried. Otondo! Hw can I follow sombody dat has NO origin, God 4bid one who even don’t know where he was going 2 after dead. Beloved Come 2 Jesus d way, d truth & d life bcos NO one goeth 2 d Father I repeat NO one goeth 2 d Father expect my Him (Our Lord Jesus Christ). Beloved, The Master is calling-come.

  20. God does not partake in evil deeds. Who ever uses His name to commit evil will surely pay back the hard way in the hereafter, be you Xtian or Muslim. May God deliver both Boko Haram, gay and lesbians. AMEN.

  21. From gay bible to gay church? Wonders shall never end! Pls u people should accept islam b/cs for over a millions years islam does not change. We have only one qura‘an & one islam through out the world in circulation!

    • Bullshit with Ur religion……..u are all pretenders…go to the north and see how gays is practiced by Hausa Muslim men and u sit here and talk rubbish…….a religion that encourages men to be dogs and sleep around with women evn small girls…..or is it those stupid Saudi men in Jeddah that will be begging women for sex, or is it the Arab mentor go to Europe and look for prostitutes? Go to the island of Zanzibar in dar es salaam and see how gay men are all over the place…..pls don’t open Ur ignorant mouth when u have never left the four walls of your father,s house……Muslims are not more holier than Christian cos they pray five times a day………no religion can lay claims to be holier cos u have bad that claim each faith, however the truth remains that Jesus is the only way…..

  22. I think boko haram should take this new ‘church’ as next point of duty. They have full authorisation on this mission only.

  23. @sanusi or musa or wateva.,.gay ism /homosexuality has being a big islamic business dated back b4 christ. in d north en’daudu) have bin supported only by d muslims.
    I lived in d north for almost twenty yrs and neva seen homosexuals stoned… dont bring ur dirty fanatism here,ur babaric hand is ready to stone dis ones cos u blv dey are christians. if u r properly checkd,chances are dat u might be gay tooo……..its is symbolic wv islam, weda hausa or arabic.

  24. rapture is near and itis obvious. D judgment of GOD is cmin. Dis is d plan of d devil 4rm d pit of hell. Beware. Jesus is cmin soon

  25. Does this means that Africa will remain followers of the dirty white men’s life forever? Cant we do our things our own way? Cant we put up our laws as we want? why must we listen to the final verdict of the evil white region before we could take up our own final decision? Well the country Nigeria will soon be no more and before then, should the government allow this Gay shit to be in place, shame and destruction will never depart from the generation of the leaders in whose time this will be into practice. What a shame? which bible will this ass holes be preaching on? the same that says “GO YE INTO THE WORLD BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY”? Someone tell me please, how they evil mongers are going to be fruitful or multiply? Shame unto them and the evil so called Jide. My he and his generation be wiped off for bringing such demonic ideas to Africa.

    • U ple are funny, don’t u know there are homosexuals in the north? I grew up in kaduna and that the first place I heard of homosexuals…….they are called dandaudus,s…….so it is not the white man that taught them, it is just that the concept of human rights is extending to us… stop talking holier than thou abeg..

  26. May have absolute forgiveness to does basterd who call them self a gay.u poeple might d timking dat is d right tim for u,but is wrong.while is it dat any bad,and wrong tin nigeria see from other country and pratecie it der will top d other country dat form it yy?but for u gays stop dat stupid tin u are doing.and follow god

  27. @mama,which side a u?a u on d side of homosexuality or not?Bible frowned at gay practice.d city of sodom and gomorah was destroyed becos of dis sex of d same partner…its disgusting.if ure into it,pls repent and accept d Lord JESUS INTO UR LIVES becos tomorow mite be too late.there is heaven likewise hellfire.For those of u who are of d opinion dat gay cultism is seen in churches,it is not and can neva be…d word christian means christ-like,they are not christians…even Christ frowns at it…Pls change ur mentality ok

  28. It still surprises me that some folks claim they live donkey years in the North yet they still talk as if there are no other religions and deity worshiped in the North except Islam. We all have passion for our dear respective religion be it Islam or Christianity but it will be so FOOLISH for anyone to judge the activities of a single individual or group as the entirety of the religion they claim to represent. Several vested interests are submerged in peoples’ actions thus the only way to gain popularity and support is to use a widely supported domain such as religion as a backup as in the case of Boko-Haram and the Rev. Rowland Jide Macaulay’s Church.
    Therefore, the actions and inactions of a group of people can never be a yard stick to measure the real substance of an entire religion which is unarguably a way of life.

  29. Watch and pray so that you will not enter into temptation. They may not tell you their names before they lure the even the elects into opposition to God Almighty. It is time to trust only in the righteousness and obedient of our savior Jesus Christ to save us from judgment of this end time. Every body can not be as blessed as Simon Peter whom Christ save for the sake of others. Be careful. Whether you are judging or not, to be wise is to fear God and to depart from evil is have understand

  30. A true christain does not go online insulting people. Every man has d rite to worship. A true muslim fear God and believes in peace- have u watch peace TV? Then those of you busy cursing one another with the umbrella of religion are neither true christains or muslims. Gay is not and will not be right.

  31. accept it lesians and gays r here to stay why worry r u the one going to hell ,all of u should not bother ur selves becoz we r happy people if we r going there why worry and insulting each other.GOD IS FOR ALL .CHURCH IS NOT THE BUILD BUT UR BODY.

  32. I tot national assembly ave dis into law anybdy caught shuld be charge 2 court nd sentence 2 dealth, nd 4 u muslims dis pple re not xtians even bible condem it so u pple shuld shut up ur stinking mouth.

  33. For u both christain and Muslim, one thing we should accept is that what ever wrong we do today is never part of our religion and it should be blame on the person not there religion, niether boko haram, gay nor lesbian etc, all this evil did is not part of our religion rather part of the persons way of life, they use religion to carry out there evil characters. That’s what I feel and it’s the truth. That’s why I feel we should always check our holy book rather than waiting for our fellow religion worshipers to make mistake and use it to judge relegion. @sanusi, @omotola, pls, Allah, is there to judge pple and kindly lev pple with there way of doing things. May Allah help us all

  34. hahaha,black men are confused bcos they hav hadin their minds against d truth.
    they prefer to live d way they met people around dem livin and realy dnt want to use their brain/head to think straight and reason upon weda wat they are doin is right or wrong.


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