Jonathan’s Visit To Maiduguri Insignificant Without Amnesty For B’Haram – Tsav

jonathan-goodluckA former Lagos State police commissioner and member of the 41-man Northern States Governors’ Forum Committee for rehabilitation, healing and security, Alhaji Abubakar Tsav yesterday said President Goodluck Jonathan’s planned first visit to Borno and Yobe states will amount to mere 2015 campaign if he refuses to declare amnesty for Boko Haram militants.

Tsav said Jonathan’s planned visit is not out of geniuness but out of shame because eight governors of the yet to be registered All Progressive Congress (APC) did so a week ago.

“I have not seen this kind of presidency; that a leader of a country will wait until members of the opposition will visit and sympathize with a part of the country in distress, before he will be moved to also visit his citizens.

“I know there is no genuine reason for the president’s proposed visit to Borno and Yobe. The president is going there because he has been challenged by the recent visit of the 10 governors of APC who are positioning their new party to take over the presidency from the PDP and the president. He is going there because he knows he is going to lose whatever little support he may have had in those parts of the country. The visit is political; it is for 2015. It is a campaign,” he said.

The ex-police chief said “all I will appeal to Mr. President is that he should take general and unconditional amnesty package to Boko Haram during his visit to Borno and Yobe. I am in support of the Sultan of Sokoto’s appeal to the president; and I want to stress too that the visit will have no impact or any significance without the grant of amnesty,” Tsav said.

While extolling the APC governors’ for their even at great risk to their lives and donation of N200 million, Tsav said, “…I am appealing to the president to make his visit there worthwhile by taking an amnesty package, just like his predecessor, the late Umaru Musa Yar’adua did to Niger Delta militants.

“The Niger Delta militants killed soldiers and other security agents, kidnapped and killed expatriates. All I am saying is that President Jonathan should do the same way as his predecessor, by granting an unconditional amnesty to Boko Haram, and that he should rehabilitate them. Yara’adua laid a precedence; that is all I am saying,” he said.


  1. Gyara kayanka bai zamo murababa. To kai good luck mu zowan ga bashi da wani amfani saboda lokacin da tashin hankali da masifa ya samemu baka zoba sanda kaga lokacin siyasa{campaing da wayo} yazo sai kace wai zakayi ziyara.Aji tsoran Alla

  2. i just dont know d reason y dey kept on shouting amnesty 2 replicate wot yaradua did 4 d militants,if it is done 4 boko aram den xpect yorubas 2 kum up 2.lnstead of dat,amnesty(empowerment) shud b done 4 general youth 2 avert d menace of recurrence.i think dats d best.God bless Nigeria!

  3. i wonder what the northerners want. A bunch of never content people who think they can destroy lives and go scott free. What is the Boko Haram sect fighting for? Who is their leader? Why are they a faceless group? Even this Tsav who is antagonising the president on what grounds does he claim the presidency is visiting those states out of shame? His stance as an EX POLICE chief validates the claim that the boko haram sect is funded and supplied arms by military officials. It explains the boko haram penetration into military zone. It explains so many things about the boko haram sect. President… Pls these people including their leaders should be dealt with. They should be given ultimatum to present the members of the sect and they should be dealt with accordingly.

  4. The issue of amnesty for Boko Haram called by Sultan of Sokoto, i’m sorry to say is not good as a muslim. Those people involved must be brought to book, Islam does not support killing of innoncent people and destroying of property.
    The Boko Haram people are sponsored by the politicians in order to distabilise the country, the president should be active in taking this matter seriously. The States where there is problem of unrest by the Boko Haram or militant should be declared state of Emmergence, because the Governor of that state is not capable.
    These people are from one or two houses, from one or two community, from one or two Local Government before States. If the head of the house is not capable, what of the Emir/King of that community, the Counsllors and the Chairman of that particular Local Governmet, talkless of the State.
    Therefore, State of Emergence can work in a community, town, local Government area and the States if the problem is getting out of hand of the ruler in order to make sure that peace is back to the land.
    Islam is a religion of peace, and whoever knows that he will meet Allah should always advocate peace.

  5. i knw d yorobas wil nt lyk anytng amnesty wit d BH 4 jst or by viture 2 their so foolish hatred 2 de north.dey re pples lyk a dey apair wit black color,tmr red n nxt tmr wit anoda color.I realy bilive dat only pples wit human feeling n sympathy can sugest 4 amnesty 2 be de final solution on Bh activitis.inocent souls suffer n die on ds B.H activitis so de gud ones wil sugest 2 go 4 amnesty 2 alw peace 2 rain in dat fools witout human feeling or 4 deir personal enmity 2 d nort wil sugest 4 anoda thngs diferen


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