Igbo Youth Movement Advises Ndigbo Against Avenging Kano Terrorist Attack


Following the apparent attack on the Southerners in Kano, Ndigbo have been advised against avenging the terrorist attack. The Igbo Youth Movement (IYM) in a statement by its President, Evang Elliot Uko pled with Ndigbo, saying any form of retaliation would aid the terrorists in achieving their aim of setting Nigeria on fire.

“It has become necessary for the Igbo Youth Movement to sound a note of warning to individuals and groups who are planning demonstrations and rallies of any kind against the Kano bus station bomb blasts, to sheathe their swords immediately.

“These planned protest march could get out of hand. Properties could be damaged and lives lost. We do not reply to the Kano bloodshed with more bloodshed. Painful and regrettable as the bombings were, we call on Ndigbo all over Nigeria to show restraint and maturity at this time.

“Doing otherwise will amount to eventually achieving the aim of the anarchists who bombed those buses. Their agenda is to deliberately provoke Ndigbo to revenge and kick-off mayhem that would lead to an uncontrollable conflagration. Do we play into their hands? Who benefits if Nigeria is set on fire. We plead with all aggrieved Ndigbo to remain calm and cautious,” Uko said.

Uko therefore urged the federal and state governments, as well as Luxury bus unions nationwide to network and deploy bomb detectors to all bus stations across the country to safeguard lives of passengers and commuters.

“We assure Nigerians and the international community that Ndigbo will not go to war neither will our people descend upon innocent northerners in our midst. It is not in our nature. Boko Harm will be defeated. We will overcome,” the statement added.


  1. Nice one from ohaneze. let the northern leader too stand and talk to there youth should drop there weapon and embrace peace.


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