I do not own any oil bloc – Former Governor of Kano Voices out

Colonel Sani Bello (rtd)
Colonel Sani Bello (rtd)

Following the recent disclosure that about 83 per cent of the oil blocs in the country are owned by Northerners, a former Kano State governor, Colonel Sani Bello (rtd) has denied ownership of any oil bloc, as claimed by Senator Ita Enang at the floor of the senate last week. The former governor said that he is merely one of the principal shareholders of the company in question.

During the senate deliberations on Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB), Senator Ita Enang has said that, “ANMI International Petroleum and Development company is owned by Colonel Sani Bello of Kontagora, Niger State. They are operators of OML 112 and OML 117”.

Hence, in a reaction to this claim, Colonel Bello said on Sunday that he does not own AMNI international Petroleum and Development Company in Kontaogara, adding that he is one among the three principal shareholders of the company, with himself coming from Kontagora (North Central), Professor Emma Idozien from Asaba (South South) and Chief Tunde Afolabi from Ibadan (South West).

He said AMNI is jointly owned by the principal shareholders and 15 other Nigerians who are nominal shareholders as well as foreign technical partners that owned 40 per cent shares of the company, arguing that as the chairman of the company he is not owning even up to 20 per cent share of the company: “The fact that I am the chairman of the company does not mean I owned it. I don’t own AMNI. I don’t have up to 20 per cent in the company.”


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  2. Don’t worry Col. Sani Bello let them finish their politics they’ll see the worst in the coming times. I swear to Almighty God they’ll cry for what they’ve done. The North will never let them go free. They’re mere gang of vagabonds and rascals. Seen their brother as a ruler makes them to feel free to level allegations or abuse anyone they like. They’ll regret it.

  3. You still have guts to open your dirtu mouth & boast stupid colonel,don’t worry that license will be revoked & change to cow block becos that’s wat you have in your desert not oil,barawo.


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