Government Should Reach Out To Boko Haram – TUC

President, Trade Union Congress Peter Esele
President, Trade Union Congress Peter Esele

The Trade Union Congress, TUC, has called on President Goodluck Jonathan to employ the carrot and stick approach and also build international network to address the insecurity situation in the country.

Speaking to newsmen in Benin City, Edo State shortly after receiving the African Role Model TV Show Award from African Child Foundation, TUC President, Mr. Peter Esele said: “I think the carrot and stick approach will work. I believe that the government should also reach out to those carrying out the attacks; although the President had said that they are ghosts. I think that there are people that can track ghosts and make them be aware of what is happening.

“The buck stops on his table. The President must do everything possible to bring the insecurity under control. If he doesn’t, that will not speak well of his presidency. He must find a way and if need be, he must find a ghost tracker, to find a way to get these people to come to the table and talk.

“Our security operatives should wake up to their responsibilities. And that includes you and me. Policing is not only about those that are wearing the uniform; it is about you and I, knowing those who are in our communities, what they do and what they stand for and also reporting to the appropriate security agencies of any suspicion we might have.”


  1. The comments of our political and Union leaders over the Boko Haran Issues have been everything but sincere and objective. There is no valour in the tongue of anyman or quantum of money or materials that wouuld sooth the the anger of an enemy, jealosy of a wicked heart or a heart that has diliked. It is like the feeling of Saul towards David in the Bible, Macbeth towards Banquo in Shakespear. It been long Muslims foundamentalist had been dying to infilterate Nigeria. Thy are here today. Armnesty is a consequence of repentance or change for better not a bait. The invaders are out to plunder and cause disorder and can’t be peacified with the loat he believes he can have at will. You are forgiving a Man pointing a gun at you. Is it not futile. Okay are they heeding you or relenting? Those that have been arrested what has happened to them. Our millitary says don’t negotioate pls listen to them. The countries that have faught terrorism perfectly did they negotiate how did they achieve it? Can they discover the sponsors and let they go without drill? Pls save Nigeria.


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