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Job Title: Materials & Corrosion Design Advisor

Job Description

Dovre Group is pleased to offer the position of Materials & Corrosion Design Advisor who will mentor and advise Materials Design Engineers to guide and coordinate them through assigned projects as well as review and assure quality control on behalf of our client.
Group: Design Engineering Services (DES)
Department: Nigeria Projects Organization (NPO)
Division: Production
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Reports To: Supervisor, Design Engineering Services (DESS)
1. Roles (Basic Function and Scope)
a) Mentors and advises Materials Design Engineers within the Materials & Corrosion (M&C) team of the DES group within NPO. Guides Materials Design Engineers in their planning and performance of materials/welding and corrosion technical work by using established and assigned technical tasks in a format (deliverable) mutually agreed between the Project Manager (PM) and the Design Engineering Services Manager (DESM). Ensures that the tasks assigned to the Materials Design Engineers can be completed within the framework of Client Project Management System, and within an agreed timeframe. Assists Materials Design Engineers in planning and performing work, including identifying pre-requisite tasks or information needs. Ensures the Materials Design Engineers update and report the progress of deliverables to the PM and the DESS on a regular basis.
b) Mentors and advises Materials Design Engineers to effectively coordinate / oversee design contractor activities for assigned projects.
c) Reviews, endorses, and provides input into proposed refinements / changes and updates to specifications and standards used on NPO stewarded projects, including the Design Management Manual (DMM), Upstream Nigeria adopted Global Practices (GPs) and GP Supplements. In some cases, he will lead the updates. After changes to DES group design specifications and standards are approved using Projects’ endorsed MoC procedures, responsible for retaining discipline-based change proposals for future inclusion into the associated specifications and guidelines.
d) Ensures that all relevant aspects of the quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) programs and procedures are strictly followed in the performance of all work. Ensures the integration of the requirements of the Operations Integrity Management System (OIMS) in all work, tasks or deliverables.
e) Follows and implements the established project objectives and strategies in all work. This includes maintaining MPN production at established levels as well as providing safe, economic, and efficient proposals to enhance hydrocarbon recovery or to increase associated facility integrity.
f) Mentors and advises Design Engineers conducting design engineering studies aimed at improving project engineering effectiveness, including risk, constructability, design and execution assessments. Participates in assessments where appropriate. Ensures Design Engineers are provided access to, and training on, (OJT or otherwise) tools required to perform study and design review work.
g) Encourages Design Engineers to maintain continual interface with external departments, especially Loss Prevention, Development Planning, Facilities Engineering, Facilities Operations Technical Engineering, and all core JV Operations groups as required.
h) When assigned the role of Lead Design Advisor (LDA) for a specific design engineering services Work Order, advises and supports the assigned Lead Design Engineer (LDE) in coordinating design engineering activities. Ensures progress updates and reports are prepared by the LDE and sent to the PM and the DESS on a regular basis.
i) Provides support directly to the Projects on M&C related areas when required through reviews of technical documents and other activities as requested by the PMT.
2. Responsibilities (Duties Performed)
a) Functionally reports to Pipeline & Subsea Supervisor. Provides mentoring, technology transfer, technical support and discipline related work direction for Design Engineers. Provides input on performance assessment and training needs for Design Engineers. Identifies Design Engineers’ skill gaps and formal / On-the-Job training opportunities. In the role of LDA, provides mentoring and advising to the Lead Design Engineer to ensure overall design activities are in alignment with project goals and objectives.
b) Ensures sound technical and engineering knowledge and best practices are applied to design work in compliance with approved MPN standards and specifications. Reviews and endorses documents required to incorporate changes or deviations to design practices and standards (DIM / MS) and Project Design Bases (PDBs) per Projects’ change management procedures, ie, Project Change Notice (PCN).
c) Monitors the quality of the design product, including design consultant’s engineering work. Provides Materials Design Engineers with the tools needed to produce quality design products. Ensures design consultants are familiar with, and utilize, MPN standards, specifications and practices. Provides ad hoc review of design packages from inception to start-up per Client Project Management System and approved Upstream Nigeria Client’s Global Practices (GPs) requirements. Participates in project milestone drawing reviews, process hazard assessments (HAZOP’s, etc.), design assessments, constructability reviews, etc., where appropriate.
d) In the role of LDA, advises the LDE in preparation of design packages associated with contracted work, including review / assessment planning, design work coordination, design review comments incorporation and contractor communication strategies. Reviews design packages to confirm completeness and quality expectations are met.
e) Advises Design Engineers when defining requirements, evaluating alternatives and recommending solutions for technical issues. Provides additional support for resolution of complex technical issues.
f) Reviews and endorses materials selection & materials design basis with Design Engineers, LDE, PMT and others as required.
g) Reviews and endorses the application of new technology related to materials, welding and corrosion issues on projects.
h) Ensures Materials Design Engineers interface with other members of the DES group to provide a multi-disciplined approach to project design. Maintains regular communication with other Design Advisors to share lessons and issues.
i) Provides technical support for the design consultant contracting process. In the role of LDA, advises the LDE on the design contracting process, i.e., development of the Job Specification, Request for Services, technical / commercial evaluation and award.
j) In the role of LDA, ensures the LDE understands the procedures for design phase coordination / management, progress / cost measurement and control, formal acceptance of design drawings and documentation, maintenance of project design files and tracking of technical issues / deviations through resolution. Guides the LDE to ensure the design consultant meets all technical and non-technical contractual obligations and provides relevant results to the PMT. Guides the LDE to monitor contractor’s cost / progress performance and take corrective action when required.
k) Advises Design Engineers during the procurement process within his discipline. Provides ad hoc review of design drawings, technical specifications for equipment purchases, technical bid evaluations, etc. Participates in award meetings and reviews vendor data on an as needed basis. Ensures Source Inspection is appropriately applied. Ensures Materials Design Engineers monitor Source Inspection reports and address non-conformances with the vendor timely. Participates in kickoff meetings, shop inspections and Factory Acceptance Tests on an ad hoc basis.
l) Assists Design Engineers in their role of providing orientation assistance and mentoring for new DES staff including newly hired engineers and Client internal transfers.
m) Ensures effective implementation of MPN standards and specifications within Design Group. Assists with development, improvement and stewardship of DES group processes and procedures (OIMS System 3-2, Project / Function Engagement Plan, etc). Reviews changes and exceptions to above documents.
3. Work Contacts
Frequent contact with Design Engineers, DESS, DESM, and PMT’s is expected. Regular contact with other Projects Dept groups, other Departments within MPN and with contractors is also expected. Regular status / progress updates to the DESS / DESM are required.
4. Supervisory Responsibility
Provides technical oversight of Materials Design Engineers’ work through proactive, discipline-based mentoring and promoting the use of adopted DES work processes, procedures, and standards. Monitors Materials Design Engineers’ workload and supports the DESS in identifying appropriate work assignments for Materials Design Engineers, in preparing development plans, and by continually promoting engineers’ technical skill and core competency development. In the role of LDA, mentors, advises and monitors the work of the assigned LDE to ensure performance meets project requirements and approved processes / procedures.
Desired Skills & Experience

Physical Requirements
Minimum Requirements
a) Hold a recognized technical degree at a B.S. level.
b) Exhibits strength in Materials /Metallurgy Engineering area with at least 10 years of related design experience in the assigned discipline area.
c) 15 years related engineering experience in oil & gas industry design, project management and construction.
d) Consensus builder with interpersonal skills, the ability to manage a multi-disciplined group and ability to influence design philosophies / technical decisions across departmental and company boundaries.
e) Fluency in written and spoken English.



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