CharlyBoy’s Cousin Abducted And Killed By Kidnappers


The area father ‘CharlyBoy’ took to twitter this morning to express the loss of his cousin.

He tweeted this. “The abductors have finally killed my cousin. Emeka, may ur soul rest in peace. I tot u would return, but I waited in vain. Rest in peace bro”







Charlyboy confirmed the death of his kidnapped cousin, Emeka Emeniye who was abducted by some unknown gunmen in Imo state, early last week. Emeka, a successful hotelier and business mogul, was forcefully taken away by gun wielding men during one of his visits to his 5-Star hotel in Imo State. Since then, the Oputa family and other extended family members have remained unsettled.

Confirming the news, a source from Charlyboy’s media organization, New Wave Productions had disclosed that the AreaFada called the office to confirm the news. The source said “CB just called us to confirm why he hasn’t gotten to the office yet. He has disclosed to us that his abducted cousin, Emeka who was kidnapped last week has been killed and dumbed at an undisclosed spot in Imo state. Fada spoke to us in the most emotional manner, almost sobbing”

A call put through to the AreaFada by one of our correspondents quoted the AreaFada thus “ We tried our best to get him out of the hands of the abductor, but this is the only result we could get. I don’t know, I really don’t know what this country is turning to”

Expressing his sadness over the death of his cousin, Charlyboy tweeted on his twitter handle, @areafada1 thus, “ the abductors have finally killed my cousin. Emeke, may your soul rest in peace. I thought you would return, but I waited in vain. Rest in peace bro.”




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