Africa’s First 3D Animated TV Series “Nollytoons Presents The A-List”

imagesFrom the stables of The Parousia Company, a virgin media production house that “creates and develops content for the African celluloid industry through the use of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), V/FX (Visual Effects), innovative film technology and well told stories infused with positivity” comes Africa’s First 3D animated TV series “Nollytoons presents The A-List”.

A CGI series created by Wisdom Intoto and produced by The Parousia Company in collaboration with DAVESCHOOL of animation Orlando USA and Flipsyde Studios Lagos Nigeria. It stars the caricatures and voices of Nollywood finest in their finesse, imagine your favorite Nollywood actor as a 3D animated character performing feats, the kind they would naturally not do as live action characters.

A statement from the production manager leaves the release date unconfirmed to later this year.

“Nollytoons presents The A-List” is a mini project under the PAST (Promoting the African Story) a campaign that seeks to eliminate stereotypes, the “Single Story” and to reinforce the presence of an African Vision. The weekly TV show would be released later this year.

You can watch the preview by clicking on this link You can also see the preview on Ontv and Galaxy Television from March 2013.

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