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I’m Nnenna Agu. A wellness expert and anchor ofLifexolutionx, a lifestyle television programme on NTA Abuja.

Sojourn in the media

In 2003, I was invited to speak at the opening of a hotel where I had a spa. After my speech on health and beauty, the management of NTA invited and signed me on a magazine programme known as Saturday Morning. Since then, I have been on. So, it’s been 10 years of romancing the camera. I graduated from a magazine to hosting my interactive programme. I love encouraging a healthy lifestyle. The focus is on physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of wellness. On television, viewers ask questions via texts or emails and get answers on those issues on air to reach people with similar challenges.


My father, a retired university professor did not frown upon what I am doing. He believes that what I do is serious. He would never force me into what would not make me happy. Though I was born and bred in Enugu, he encouraged me to read but never forced anything on me. While growing up, I noticed that my mother loved massages. I used to rub her feet and that helped draw my attention to wellness.


Since it is a live programme, you have to keep it fresh and interesting. There is also the need to make the language simple for a layman to understand. That has not been a challenge but it has been fun. However, the live transmission could make you fidget because you would not want to make mistakes. In fact, there is always a knot in my stomach anytime I’m on air!

Passion for wellness

It started when I had a pain in my body. I decided to soak myself in the bath, poured aromatherapy oil, salt and some other recipes and I was relieved. So, I decided to dig more into aromatherapy, cosmetology and I did my research in Russia, Germany (I was at the Klapp Institute)and other countries. I learnt so much  about the white man’s skin but I realised that I would not succeed or make any impact until I had put whatsoever I studied into practice with people who are of the same skin with me-the black woman. I had to teach myself and carried out a research on what would work for the black skin.


It is a signature. I believe it is the way you express yourself. My style is simple. I love colours and my mood dictates the colours I go for. I love wearing dresses. I love shoes especially the wedge- it balances well.

Beauty routine

I don’t ever leave home without my sun block. It helps protect my skin from the ultra violet rays of the sun. I love to cleanse and rehydrate my body, especially my face before going to bed. I love infusing moisture into my skin.


I love to relax when I’m not working. I listen to music and meditate. I try not to take myself too seriously.


Drink lots of clean water. Breathe deep into your lungs to get enough oxygen to your blood. The medicine for every health challenge is a good nutrition. When you eat healthily, you will be beautiful inside out. Don’t eat late. Try to be in bed before 11pm because that’s the time your liver detoxifies itself to function. That way, a good night rest helps you function better. Engage in a physical exercise that you enjoy to keep your heart pumping. Then, keep your meals fresh! Learn to forgive because unforgiveness causes cancer.

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