Policeman Who Took 16 bullets For Nigeria Gets N600,000 Reward


“Who will die for Nigeria?” is a question that is frequently asked by public officers whose line of duty has some element of risk. This is because many had suffered in vain in the past.

The notion that those who suffer injuries or die in the line of duty are not recognised was dispelled Tuesday when Minister of Police Affairs, Navy Capt. Caleb Olubolade (rtd), rewarded Jamiu Adekoya, an Inspector of Police, with N600,000 for his rare display of courage and dedication to duty.

Adekoya was said to have put his life on the line one night in Lagos, when the anti-robbery squad he was leading, fell under the heavy attack of a robbery gang.

A statement by the Assistant Director, Press and Public Relations in the Ministry, Mr. James Odaudu, said Adekoya was shot during a gun duel with the armed robbers in Lagos but defied his injury to fight back.

Although two of Adekoya’s colleagues lost their lives in the attack, he managed to survive, after 16 bullets were extracted from his abdomen. Four more bullets are still lodged in some sensitive parts of his body.

The gesture of the minister, it is believed, will further reinforce his commitment to his duty.

But what may have thrilled The minister more is the fact that even when Adekoya had been struck down by the bullets of the robbers, he still had the strength and presence of mind to shoot the fleeing leader of the gang, killing him with the accuracy of a certified marksman.

Before the Police Affairs Ministry came with its reward, a national newspaper had celebrated the courage of Adekoya by conferring on him an award for his selfless commitment to security in Nigeria.

While appreciating the gallantry of the officer, the minister said all the medical expenses for his treatment would be borne by the police authorities.


  1. I personally salute d courage of this police officer,he has down well and he needed to be reward with promotion and cash for others to see and emulate.

  2. The question now is wat happens τ̅☺ the families ‎​ǿſ the dead police officers? Ʋ see ?d saying still stands,i ₪☺ fit dei for police work oooo


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