PHOTOS: Nigerian Model, Adaora Akubilo Takes Off Clothes To Pose For American Magazine

Nigeria-American model Adaora Akubilo is one of the stars of the 2013 Swimsuit Issue of Sports Illustrated Magazine.

This edition of the SI’s swimsuit issue featured photoshoots from all over the world! Adaora’s was photographed by Kayt Jones in beautiful Namibia in Southern Africa.




    • make i hear word, she better pass all of una, make una leave de girl alone. Alot of u guys do alot of shit in the closet, i mean worst things than she could ever immagin and u open ur trap and dare condem her? Just leave her the hell alone. It’s her L..I..F…E

      • it’s not her L..I..F..E point of correction God gave her the L..I..F..E and her body it’s the Temple of the most high God.. she will give account of this the day she dies to her maker if she doesn’t REPENT… and FYI everybody ain’t like this okay….

  1. Idiot, she would have better off her bra & pant. She is nt making Nigeria proud at all but blemishing d image of our great country, thus govt. should pls do something to eradicate this sameless & immorality behaviours among our ladies this time around.

  2. She is a celebrated embarassment to whatever virteous womanhood represents. With her reprehensive display, where lies her pride as a woman.

    • brother i tell you, that’s the truth, they will all be here condemning somebody else while what they do in their hood is worst than this…. foolish people……….

  3. Una leave the girl Abi una see anything?me I no see anything oh ,na money she dey find .what of guys wen dey go naked just because NAIja win football match oh that one no be sin…

  4. Mk una shup up jor… una happy say no be ashawo she dey do….most of una wey dey talk una sister dey do ashawo una dey here dey open una mouth……


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