[Opinion] You Must Be Hurt Like Hell!

“Keep up the struggle, notwithstanding the jilters from the feeble crowd”- Ernest Hemingway
The popular axiom, life is not a bed of roses is rooted in the truism that nothing good comes easy not in this life, may be in the next if there is ever going to be a life after now. Life is not any greener whichever way you look at it and our diverse stations in life demand that in order to be able to climb the success tree we must be bruised in many occasions by its branches and which may leave indelible scars behind.

Ernest Hemingway in a letter to one scot Fitzgerald an aspiring author way back in 1934 read, “You have to be hurt like hell before you can write seriously. For heaven sake, write and don’t worry about what the boys will say or whether it will be a masterpiece or not. I write ninety one pages of shit before i arrive at a single masterpiece. I try to put the shit in a waste basket and carry on. Forget your personal tragedy for we are all bitched from the start and you especially must be hurt like hell before you can begin to write seriously”
The foregoing were the words of a celebrated novelist to an aspiring author seeking to swim in the big waters of the literary world at a very young age. He wrote to Hemingway the author of The Old Man And The Sea and other numerous works of fiction telling him of the ugly scenario he found himself in and the reply he got, proved to be all that he needed as history books will tell us more of what later became this young lads achievements in the school of writing.

Just like the young Fitzgerald, you, yes you and you must be hurt like hell at the early stages of this journey. Unfortunately enough, this early stages may take forever but your ability to hang on and move on is almost everything you need just like in a marathon.
There is never a success story without that point in time when giving up became the nicest option and yours and mine cannot be an exception. That giving up idea you are nursing today should not get the best of you least you regret the day you acceded to it.
You must be hurt like hell before you become celebrated someday. Everything comes with a price and nothing goes for nothing. Forget about the now and set your gaze into the near future.
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