[Opinion] By Every Means Take Risks!

One thing I have learnt from my personal and long study of various self-made millionaires is that particular point in time during their ascension to the top when it became almost inevitable that they took certain risks irrespective of its magnitude. It is one single success strategies I have been able to unearth. It is of universal application and not many would disprove of it.

The chairman and C.E.O of Dangote Group, Alhaji Aliko Dangote who now combines as the richest Black Man, once told the Daily sun in an exclusive interview “I had to take certain risks at a particular point in time even though I wasn’t sure how positive it will play out in the long run”. So also it is with several other business moguls in our society today. In the scale of preference of success, one element you dare not take out is the Risk taking element.

An old Igbo adage says, “etinye Okwe, erie Okwe” to the effect that until you relinquish something, until you put something on the line, you cannot get anything in return just like in a game of chess. You just have to take certain risks and go down to your knees in prayer in faith that it terminates in your favor. No more No less. However, the sad news is: you must not always succeed in this game, you cannot be assured of smiling at the end of this gamble of life but if ever it terminates in your favor, it will change your life for the rest of your days. You just have to try new things no matter the cost in order to achieve bigger things. If a particular product has not been introduced into the market before, explore it and take up the gauntlet by introducing it into the local market at your own risk for life itself is risks but beware nothing happens by accident to those who set goals for themselves.

When you learn to play the game of risk taking, its either you succeed or you fail and if you happen to be a victim of the latter, it is not because you were destined to but probably because you need to do more and it is your ability to try new risks despite the previous loss that defines you. It is only a little few will dare to continue and it is not surprising why the top is scanty and beneath crowded with bunches of onlookers who swim in the pool of cowardice. Winners do not believe in the theory of predestination. They believe that all men are given equal opportunity at birth; the discerning factor is how we take up these responsibilities during those early stages and refine.

Just of recent, the head coach of the victorious Super Eagles in the just concluded AFCON became successful not because of anything but how he was able to take up the risk by experimenting with the local lads in the local league. This at least should be a point of reference for you and I.
Nothing is achieved without risk-taking for life is a matter of learning and learning through trial and error.
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