APC Is Like A Pack Of Weak Blocks That Can Collapse Any Moment – Anenih

Tony-Anenih-418x215The new Chairman of the Board of Trustees (BoT) of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Tony Anenih on Tuesday re-affirmed his alias as ‘Mr Fix it’ when he stated that with his ascension to the position, “PDP is on the move again and cannot be stopped by any merger of political parties”.

Anenih described the merger of some political parties in the country “as a pack of weak blocks that cannot construct an enduring edifice.

“APC is not a threat to PDP. We never had a strong opposition. Let us see how strong APC will be,’’ he said.

Anenih said instead of the All Progressive Congress (APC) to constitute a threat to the PDP, it will collapse adding that he was optimistic that those behind the party will remain in the same position.

He contended that the same factors that had confined them to the opposition are still present and so PDP has nothing to worry about.

He likened the merger of opposition parties in the country to a house builder who buys ‘blocks’ from the ‘same source.’

In his words, “If you are building a house and you discover that some parts of the house are not standing well because the blocks are weak, you now go back to the same source to buy more blocks, the house will continue to be weak”.


  1. You have said it all my leader. I have also told them to go and strengthen there various political parties instead of MERGER! Because merger will fall like Spartans. Let us see how it works.


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