Angry Husband Finds Unclothed Photo Of Wife’s Lover on Her phone, Mails it To The Man’s Entire Company

luke_janklow_patrick_mcmullan-300x300It is believed that furious Paul also sent the pictures to some of Luke’s New York friends. The source added, “Luke then confessed to Paul about the affair and said, ‘It’s over.’ ”

We’re told the photos so upset Janklow & Nesbit agents including Tina Bennett, who reps Malcolm Gladwell and Eric Schlosser, that she left for WME’s literary division.

Luke Janklow’s lawyer Ed Hayes told us, “During a time after Luke was divorced and while Sara Costello, a lovely woman, was separated from her husband, the two did have an affair.” He declined to comment on the “intimate” pictures or e-mails sent by Paul to Janklow & Nesbit, which reps Sidney Sheldon,Danielle SteelTom Wolfe and Gay Talese.

Hayes added, “The agents leaving because of Luke’s behavior is not true. This is a crude attempt by two agents who work with Ari Emanuel’s WME to discredit Luke in the hopes Mr. Emanuel can acquire the Janklow agency cheaply.” An Emanuel camp source countered, “We already have their top agents Tina and Eric Simonoff; we don’t need to buy the company.”

Sara and Paul, still married, moved to New Orleans — where they this weekend threw a Super Bowl bash — with their kids. They declined to comment as did Luke, who is now dating Stella Schnabel.

– NY Post



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