Alleged Molestation Of Corps Member: ‘We Had Intercourse Many Times’ – Traditional Ruler

A traditional ruler in Obokun Local Government Area of Osun State, the Alowa of Ilowa-Ijesa, Oba Adebukola Alli, who has been standing trial for allegedly raping a 23-year-old ex-member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), (name withheld), on Friday, denied the allegation.

He said it was not his first time of making love with the ex-corps member, saying that they had sexual intercourse together on several occasions, and that they always enjoyed the act.

The traditional ruler, who was facing a one-count charge of raping the plaintiff, who served as a corps member in his domain in 2011, also told Justice Oyejide Falola of the Osun State High Court, that the victim was his lover and that they usually had sexual intercourse both in his palace and at his private residence in Osogbo where the incident allegedly took place.

“The lady is my lover, I did not rape her and that was not our first time of having sexual intercourse, she is my lover, but I was surprised when I got to the police station over the allegation. She slept with me from 25 to 26 March, 2011 and I got to know that she had reported me to the police on Monday, 28 March, 2011.

“I met the ex-corper during a programme in Ibokun. On the day in question, 25 March, 2011, both of us left Ilowa to Osogbo where we branched at Osun grove in order to replicate the grove at Ilowa historical site.

“After we left Osun grove, we drove down to my private residence where we spent the night and when it was 10:30 to 11pm, she removed her jacket and she told me to help her loose her underwear from her back, which I did and I discovered that she was not wearing any bra, she then took off her skirt and pants herself and we started making love. After making love that night which lasted without struggle, I drove her back the next day to Ilowa.

“But I was surprised on Monday, 28 March, when I was invited to the police station over the allegation of raping her. She is my regular visitor to Ilowa palace and my private house in Osogbo. Even many people including my brothers and other obas knew about our relationship,” he said.

Alli, who was led in witness by his counsel, Taofeek Tewogbade, stunned the court when he alleged that the police demanded for N400,000 in order to dissuade the victim from continuing the case. The accused also alleged that the victim’s pastor demanded for N1million on her behalf so that the complainant could drop the charge instituted against him.

Also led in witness were the son of Alli, Seun, an aide to the traditional ruler, Mr. Ganiyu Babalola and his cook, Esther Patrick. They all said that the victim was Alli’s lover.

During the cross-examinations by the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) from the state Ministry of Justice, Mr Dapo Adeniji, the witnesses, except the accused, said that they did not make any statement to the police. Justice Falola, however, adjourned the case to April 15 for adoption of addresses.


  1. they have denied this young lady justice,because on the view of this story,that rapist,animal has paid his way through to favour him,thereby lying against her,God will surely punish everyone that has conspired against this girl

    • If this animal called oba escapes rape, is he not guilty of adultry from his confession of having several sex with this corps member? That alone is an offense to detron him.

  2. i know when it comes to issues like this the less previleg suffer most , imagine the way this chief is cookin stories. This girl shud leave justice in the hands of God if not the next thin is for dis chief to go after her life

  3. The Oba should be ashamed of him self and he suppossed to be dethrone.
    Why cant he told us what is saying now at the beginning of the case?

  4. well, only almighty God can say the true situation of the matter because we human beings are terible, and can go any lenght to frame oneanother.

  5. @faith: what do you mean by that? She could have been posted to the palace cos anybody can be posted anywhere. A friend of mine was posted to the emir’s palace . There ‘s something wrong with the oba’s story cos he did not narrate this at the beginning of the trial. God will judge.

    • Madam T,posted to Oba or Emir’s palace? I bet u never attaende school! What office is there? Ask ur friend well,she could be one of those who seek to go there and sleep with the monarchs bcos of their greed!

  6. Let God judge all rapists ,they will know no peace in there lives,let there punishment hunt them were ever they are. All I pity is there children b/c it is a gene rational curse.

  7. This is not a case of rape. She went there voluntarily and slept with him. There were people in the house and she didn’t cream for help. She wannts money clearly,as this doesn’t seem to be her first time. I’m sure if the defence digs enough they’ll come up with mre victims. Clear case of attempted extortion.

  8. Pls lets not draw conclusion on dis case 4 only God knws wht happend. Somtime we see ‘Rat’ as a thief but 4getin d@ ‘Dawadawa’ (an ingedient) smell also atracts (disturbs). We pray 4 fact revealation.

  9. Yes corp members get posted anywhere when i served in 2010 some corp members were posted 2 clubs around ikeja axis so as a corp member U could be posted anywhere but that doesn’t justify her story God knows d truth anyway.

  10. If she followed the Oba to his private resident,what is her duty there ? If the Oba raped her,what was her reactions while living the resident,cryin,shouting,sreeming…we av to be careful in this case bcos we av enough desperate men n women in this naija ok

  11. Why must NYSC post a corpmember to d palace of a king in d first place?I think the state NYSC CORDINATOR shoud be quarried n the court case be disregarded n the oba be set free.,

  12. i believe al d kinp’s story were manipulatns by his lawyer. a king behaving like a goat. if he escaped justice, he can neva escape God’s wrath.

  13. That is rubbish story to cookup..{RAPE}.bcos sum girlz 4 nowdays ar nt meant what dy claim to be..they can do undo..within a minute,..i strongly believe she didnt it

  14. obas dc is a step up by some people who want 2 use dc as a means 2 tanish ur image and l pray dt God will will nt allow der plan 2 cm 2 pass

  15. obas dc is a set up by some people who want 2 use dc as a means 2 tanish ur image and l pray dt God will will nt allow der plan 2 cm 2 pass

  16. D girl got wot she wanted. Even if d Oba raped her, was she posted to d Oba’s private residence? Am a corps member n I know wot extent some female corps members can get carried by material things. Y would she follow d Oba on a grove? Is she d Oba’s special assistant?

  17. How can u defile a 23 y.o that’s not a virgin, a graduate!!!! What nonsense, was she lured or forced? And y would ha Pastor b making demands, is it in his place 2 do so? That girl’s story is fishy… And she was allegedly “defiled” more than once, ryt? She liked d initial defilement so she ALLOWED d traditional ruler to lure her into d Defilement REMIX abi… They all should take La Casera and chill, she’s a Gold-digger… After 4/5yrs in school she’s not yet wise, following a married man 2 his house/room… She shld b flogged for her stupidity sef


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