A Perception Of Injustice: Miss Ghana 2012 Beauty Pageant Smells of Fraud


Renowned broadcast journalist, presenter and fashion icon Kofi Okyere Darko (KOD) has expressed disappointment at the final results that announced winners of Miss Ghana 2012. According to KOD, a talk he had with judges for the finals revealed that what the judges had on their sheets did not reflect the results announced on the night. missghana

Last year’s event had its share of the annual controversy, with a section of the public expressing disappointment that contestant Roseline Okoro did not place in the top three. But in a rather unnecessary rebuttal, Inna Patty, Chief Executive of Exclusive Events, organizers of the event, is on record to have told Hitz FM that Roseline did not perform well on the night. Shockingly, Inna Patty went ahead to describe actress Yvonne Okoro as “ignorant”, after the actress posted a tweet thanking the public for supporting her kid sister Roseline and expressing the hope of a better Ghana, free of bias and rigging. The tweet did not mention Miss Ghana.

KOD has waded into the controversy and contradicted the claim from Inna Patty that Roseline did not perform well on the night. “I spoke to a couple of judges after the event because some of them are friends and they were like well, on their sheet they were expecting her to be in the top three. There were quite a number of judges and I don’t know if the SMS played a role here. I was there, I saw all the contestants, I think she really did very well and I was not expecting her to place fourth. I was looking at top three,” KOD said. KOD’s comments come at a time speculations are rife that the final results compiled by the judges may have been manipulated.

Roseline, all through the contest, had been a subject of media attacks including some media houses who were officially acknowledged as partners for the pageant; yet the organizers kept silent on the continuous attacks on the contestant. It is therefore not surprising that although Roseline, out of 18 contestants, made it to the top five, she is still being accused of not having performed well and the accusation is coming from the chief executive of the event organizers.

Eventually, the organizers arranged for a rather new category, ‘Miss SMS Queen’ and gave it to Roseline on the night after it became obvious she had a leading command when the public voted on who best deserved to be Miss Ghana 2012. Many who watched the show attested that Roseline did well on the night and a number of Ghanaians are still expressing concerns about what happened. Some of Ghana’s stars are still tweeting about what they described as unfair treatment in Ghanaian beauty pageants


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