We call on Nigerians to put the past behind them – Organised Labour Urges Nigerians in New Year Message

NLC President: Mr Abdulwaheed Omar
NLC President: Mr Abdulwaheed Omar

The organized Labour has called on Nigerians to embrace collective struggle for the enthronement of good governance in 2013. The President of Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Comrade Abdulwahab Omar, who gave the charge in his New Year message on Monday also enjoined Nigerians to be focused on the demand for good governance in 2013.

According to him, “We believe the New Year holds new hopes and aspirations for the Nigerian nation… However, given the disturbing trend in the economy and governance in the past year, which were characterised by incessant job losses and unemployment, insecurity and corruption, as well as unparalleled impunity, the sustenance of good governance would require re-srategising and more commitment to a peoples-focused policy thrust in the interest of the Nigerian poor.”

Meanwhile, the President General of the Trade Union Congress (TUC), Comrade Peter Esele, in his message, stated that as the year 2012 came to a close, “we recall that the year presented one of the most difficult challenges with an increase in the pump price of petrol, which led to a national strike and mass protests for days in January.”

According to Esele, one of the positive outcomes of that strike is the various probes that have been conducted on the issue of fuel subsidy, and the revelations have vindicated the historical position of labour and civil society organisations that the downstream sector of the oil industry is enmeshed in unprecedented and horrendous corruption. He continues: “While we call on Nigerians to put the past behind them, we believe the government need to handle these challenges with more commitment and result-oriented actions by ensuring that law enforcement agencies are not only well-equipped and efficient, but must be accountable to justify the confidence reposed in them to protect lives and property of the Nigerian people.

”While we call on Nigerians to embrace a collective struggle to re-srategise for more commitment to a peoples-focused and oriented policy thrust in the interest of the Nigerian poor to enthrone good governance in 2013, we therefore challenge our leader to give Nigerians the needed dividends of democracy.

“This is because I am an unrepentant believer in the Nigeria project and so, in 2013 I see hope where others express despair… I see a very bright future for our country and I fervently believe that the only way out is for all Nigerians to close ranks, constructively criticise the Government, and believe in the unity and survival of our country, Nigeria,” he added… This is because I am of the view that when all Nigerians close ranks on the Nigeria project in 2013, then our leaders will be able to initiate policies that would put an end to poverty, injustice, discrimination and violence.

“And these policies would in turn, transform lives, families, communities and societies as well as reduce high infant mortality and preventable infectious diseases,” he said.


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