Top Chinese movie star charged $1 million a night as prostitute, made $110 million in 4 years? (PHOTOS)

Chinese actress that starred in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” “Memoirs of a Geisha” and “Rush Hour 2″ angrily denied selling herself for sexual favors to a disgraced official of the ruling Chinese Communist Party for $1 million per night.

A story in the tabloids in Hong Kong newspaperApple Daily said Zhang Ziyi provided sexual services in exchange for about $1 million U.S. dollars a night with former Minister of Commerce Bo Xilai and other customers.
The Apple Daily, the second most sold paper in Hong Kong and a frequent critic of the Chinese regime also claimed that Ziyi had earned $110 million over four years through prostitution.
Ziyi, whose absence from last week’s premiere in Cannes for her latest film, “Dangerous Liaisons” was reported by the news media, has issued a heated denial of the charges.
According to Apple Daily, the main client was Zhang Ziyi, Bo Xilai, who allegedly had sex with her 11 times between 2007 and 2011. The report alleges Ziyi accumulated $110 million from these customers and more appointments arranged by a prominent billionaire businessman, Xu Ming.
On Tuesday, a law firm representing Hong Kong, Zhang Ziyi, dismissed the report.
 – Breaking World News Today


  1. I think i support her cause because she is quite comfortable and i dont think a person of such standard should be engaged in such an act even though the money is quite convincing

  2. In every romonds there is an elements of truths,is possible because she is living thing that has life,do know one thing life without money is =0!so we all needs this money to become wealthy with style.


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