The Catholic Church Pulls Out Of CAN… Says It Is Now An Arm Of Govt

can_logoAll is not well within the umbrella body for Christians in Nigeria, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), as the Catholic Church has withdrawn its membership of the body.

The Diocesan Administrator of the Catholic Diocese of Abeokuta, Monsignor Christopher Ajala, stated this at a news conference organised as part of the activities to mark the 15th anniversary of the creation of the diocese.

Monsignor Ajala stated that the Catholic church suspended its activities in CAN because it was too close to government.

He alleged that the Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor-led CAN had derailed from the objectives of the body, adding that the Catholic Bishops Conference was not comfortable with the development, hence its decision to pull out.

His words: “The Catholic Church took their stand before the purchase or the aircraft was donated to him. But what the Catholic Bishops Conference is complaining about is about the way they are running the national CAN now that is not meeting the objectives and the goals of CAN and the forefathers of CAN.

“CAN is now being run as part of the government and we said no.

“Because they (government) will dictate to us what to do and they will not take our advice seriously. The Catholic Church decided to withdraw from the activities of CAN at national level; we are still part of the state. We made our stand clear in November, last year, and by December, the man bought a jet. I don’t know how he got it but the president was there on that day the jet was delivered to him.

“So, what we are saying is that our religious leaders should be honest, upright and they should also be the conscience of this nation.

“If you are bought, the masses of this country are finished. If you can use money to buy our religious leaders, then there is no hope for the common man. That is the Catholic Church’s stand. We are supposed to speak for the people to correct the wrongs in the society and assist every government to know the will of God for them and we still stand by that” he declared.


  1. This is the first expo. Money and women were said to be the root of evils. Nigerian have turn prieasthood to a money making factory where those that don’t have such monies are considered failures. What then can we say if the nigerian catholics are teaching penticostals holiness? Moreso this is the first time a penticostal preast emerge as CAN president. God is in control.

  2. The born agains are now being taught integrity, honesty and holiness by the non-born agains. Nigerian Christianity should start revival and focus more on the Kingdom of God than on the wordliness and carnality now reigning in the penticostal ministry. Thank you the Catholic Church. I now know why OBJ said ” CAN MY FOOT”

  3. The catholic church has always been the conscience of all nations and will continue to be. It is just the first time of a pastor and already…

    • Sir, you can not be friends with thieves and be seen different. Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are! Show me those you mingle with and I will tell you what you are capable of doing

    • Wat more reason do u want? Dat a body of christ is now bought by politician and still not see anytin wrong? While will even accept such a gift frm a d president in the first place! When thousands of children are roaming d street jst 2 see food 2 eat and a so call president of CAN is there collecting jet as a gift! Gosh

    • You should know that not all Churches are in CAN and we do have the right to pull out from CAN and you can not have us by all means. Are you aware that CAN is not a Church? But this CAN president continue to make general statements all over, that is not how CAN should be run. He need to have consultations with other head of Churches before going public, but the man will just go for his private business and he will make a statement. That shows he don’t know how a Church should be run talk less a body of intellectual like him if not better than him.

  4. If the man of God is given a what!! It is a means of transportation. My question is: IS IT WRONG FOR A MAN OF GOD TO USE/OWN A PRIVATE JET?…my answer is NO. It is a material thing with no spiritual significance, I don’t see any reason why spiritual leaders are over emphasizing on this issue. The house (CAN) should not be divided no matter what. Our spiritual leaders should show a good example by coming together to address issues and redefine aims and objectives. How can the catholic body justify being part of it at the state level and not being part of it at the national level; is it not the same body!!. The act of accepting gifts is not new to spiritual leaders (Catholic priests should know this); it is part of the office. Knowing what to accept or reject is the sole responsibility of the individual that the gift is presented to. No other person has the right to judge whether the decision to accept a gift is good or bad except God. CAN should focus on the real issues and elevate from mediocre thinking.

    • Do you think JET will be only thing that makes them decide on that?. We are Nigerians we should try and avoid any religious chaos again. They are coming up with something again. Is Boko Haram issue affecting only Christians? Are some Muslims not affected in the crisis, so let us not let them put us in trouble again?

  5. The catholic church has done the right thing. Oritsejafor has been making silly comments on political issue as well as issues of governance. If the man cannot tell the government to trace back its step for correction when they are wrong, he should keep quite. The catholic church has always kept the faith, been truthful and has stood against corruption and bad leadership from ages and that will not change now. Kudos to the catholic Bishops that initiated the withdrawal. Have a (clean) conscience.

    • Gone are the days pentecostals in Nigeria used to be taken seriously. You only need to get close enough to see that most of their activities are rooted in covetousness. I pray God will help us by cleansing His church, those still defending most of our Pastors are suffering from blind loyalty but in His time God will open their eyes to see what’s happening around them. Well done Catholic Church.

    • They are not. Catholics are the highest occultic bodies in the world. They worship Mary, Statutes of departed saints and accept idol worship of the people, drink and engage in sorcery etc. Catholic is the spiritual prostitute as portrayed in Revelation 17.

  6. what is really happening in Nigeria? Our Leaders are now using religion to cause problem in the nation. They are coming up with something again. These leaders are the trainers of the terrorists, that is how they will be sponsoring things till it back fires, and later they will be claiming innocent.

  7. The Catholic Church is a well established institution with principles and order. It can never be compared to or with mushroom institutions or churches or whatever they call themselves. The funny Sunday morning disco houses are fighting hard to make money or exploit the masses than show them the way to live a meaningful life. That is why they seem to enjoy the company of politician a very much and continue to teach the ludicrous doctrine of prosperity or get rich quick or miraculously to attract thieves and criminals. The are very ready to collect a gift , present or whatever even from Satan himself. I do not really know the true essence and purpose of their so-called ministry.

  8. I wonder y must of us in nigeria make our religion leaders to lead us to wrong path can’t we reason ourselves and react to situation dat comes our way dis country as been in d state of collapsing all in d name of religion this is d rit time all nigerians all muslims and christians av to act according to d bible and Quran way nt d way of our various religion leaders

  9. From the statement of the catholic church one can understand that the main reason why they withdraw from CAN is because the leadership is penticostal and nothing else. You do not expect us to believe this “cock and bull” story of a private jet, advicing the govt and so on. We all know your haterad of the penticostals and yet you tell us that you are christians. Don’t forget that the foundation of the Lord standeth sure with this inscription ‘the Lord knows those that are his. . .’


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