Prophet Predicts President Jonathan May Spend 7 Years In Prison After Tenure

Respected for the accuracy of his predictions, Prophet Marcus Tibetan who is widely referred to as the Nostradamus of our time predicts that ten Ministers in the cabinet of President Goodluck Jonathan would be dropped this year for being ineffective and incompetent.


President Goodluck Jonathan, says the prophet, should pray against losing loved ones in this year 2013.

These are some of the predictions of Prophet Marcus Tibetan, the Parish Head of Celestial Church of Christ, Elisha Parish, for the year 2013.

The President should pray very hard against a situation that would arise and make him spend at least seven years in jail after his tenure as President of Nigeria.

‘Four members of the House of Representatives will die this year and there will be two major air disasters in the months of May and June 2013!’

He further predicts that the Senate President, David Mark, should begin to wind up and prepare for his exit from politics as disgrace is imminent.

The Vice President, Namadi Sambo, should forget any ambition of being the Vice President of Nigeria again after this first term. Bamanga Tukur may be the last PDP Chairman as the party would suffer a lot of crises and setbacks in 2013.

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo needs to do more for the Yoruba race in particular and Nigeria in general. He should perform the assignment of putting the Yoruba race in the forefront with zeal as this could be his last assignment.

Prophet Marcus Tibetan’s earth shaking predictions for the year 2013 are presently being compiled into a book which will be in circulation within the first quarter of the year. The Prophet who is loved and respected in his native town of Ode-Aye has visited more than eighty countries.

His mastery of the Bible can be seen in his in exhaustive quotations from the Holy book.

The man of God is able to cure chronic diseases and ailments such as sickle cell anaemia and diabetes, amongst others.


  1. I like the part where the president goes to jail because with the level of looting, stealing and subsidy scam the president and his gang are carrying out in the country today I won’t be suprised if he is arrested and even executed after his tenure

  2. Nigeria has come of age to shun corruption, if this could be done, i think Nigeria is moving up the next level nd corruption being minimised. Nigeria our motherland

  3. Some people are just so dumb!! Pls in as much as phones have become cheap and internet readily assessible, if you don’t know what to post as a comment or if you don’t know how to relate your comment to the subject, pls and pls don’t put up rubbish! Haba na! @umar,iteh sunday and uncle T, your comments are nonsensical and has no corelation to the subject!

  4. As for mr president he has no problem! as for obasanjo, bamaga tuku, daviv mark, sambo does are fact. As for the minister we already know the once he his talking about.

  5. As for mr president he has no problem! as for obasanjo, bamaga tuku, david mark, sambo does are fact. As for the minister we already know the once he his talking about.

  6. Well,i know some prophets are called by God,others are called by hunger and greed.Whoever called this prophet and whose behalf he is prophesying,let the will of God be done.In every thousand of prophets of baal an asheral,there was only one Elijah.Nigerians please shine ur eyeooo!

  7. hmmmm, i wil nt b surprised if anythny bad dan ds predicted prophecy happen to GEJ bks he is such an ingrate man. Afta full support from Yoruba esp d like of OBJ, Tinubu and d rest, we ar completely wipe out frm his administration. Yoruba is no where b found in any key positions. U made ds administration and Ijaw afair only to sho how eggocentric and nepotic u ar. I hav heard dat an average Ijaw man ar very ingrate I ddnt blv bt now it is very explicit to me. GEJ u hav met ur waterloo. Just prepare to go bak to ur creek. We feel so used and dumped bt rmb dat God pass u ooo.

  8. Adewunmi you are also an ingrate,did he only betray d yoruba’s or all Nigerians?lets be realistic,are you now saying if not for d yoruba’s he won’t have won d election?were u d only tribe dat voted 4 him?lets not be sentimental.he betrayed all nigerians cuz dis is not d kind of promise he made to us during his campaigne..dis man is d worst president Nigeria has ever had,almost 2years since he became d president and what have we got to show for it?FASHOLA became d governor of lagos state and in less than 2months d people of Lagos state knew they have really gotten a Governor.May God deliever us from d evil hands of Jonathan.AMIN

  9. instead pointin acusin fingas @ d oda, lik in d days of old, let go on sackcloths n pray 4 god 2 avert d ugly profesies, non is pefect or righteous 4 d bble says so

  10. That prophet is a FALSE PROPHET. I suggest he repents n gve hs Life to Jesus b4 it too late. U shud pray 4 ur leaderz n nt mock dm.

  11. Prophet frm Ode-aye…. Obj shld thnk of yorubas….nt surprising! So nly yoruba was neglectd….. Mr adewunmi, wit all due respect, u speak lyk an un-educated nigerian….. U ar nt diff frm d prsn u criticise…. Is it nly yoruba u shld speak for? Nepotism! Prophecies hav cum abt end of life b4…. Guess u sumhw made it thru dem…. Only God knws. Lets nt fool ourselves

  12. If d prophecy b 2ru, it is 4 us 2 pray dat dos tins shld nt hapn bc it is d pple God luvs dat he review his secret 2, let nt condem dem bt let us join hand and pray, d lord wil hear and heal our land. Nedu

  13. I dnt knw wat we wnt d president 2 do weda he shld cum 2 our hauzes 2 swip 4 us and wash our tins i dnt knw. We wnt d president 2 do rds while we dnt evun knw hw 2 obey traffic rules, der is no water while we cnt evun manage d 1 we hav, build skuls and we are nt evun ready 2 learn but we wnt 2 pass evun d teachers are nt willin 2 teach i mean d 1s dat evun came 2 d skuls but dey 1nt 2 b paid. Pls wat do we 1nt frm d president i knw he is d no. 1 citizen but nt d onli citizen lets make d change in our litu way.

  14. Wht if non of ur predictions comes 2 pass? Dat is 2 say 20yrs jail straight 4 give out false prophesy. Lest wait til May, June & no crash hapend in 9ija. U gona kw urself. Bt al d same may d wil of Abah Father b done, cos D Foolishness of God is wiser than men.

  15. Prediction or no prediction, Nigerians have a lot of role to play to tame Nigerian leaders from the local government to the Federal level. We are too docile, but expect miracle to make Nigeria work. We must all come out like we did during the fuel subsidy saga to reject these leaders. Our destiny is our hands. Revolution is what will save Nigeria. No woman can give birth to a child without blood. Freedom is never given on a platter of gold. Our leaders in Nigeria are hell bent in subjugating us to perpetual slavery. We are to say No!. If we want to liberate Nigeria. it can be done within 2months of intensive and well coordinated demonstration across the country. we must however, shed our ethnic bigotry which the leaders our using to divide us.

    • Hey guys!..we all know some people has to stop breathing before this well becalled a promise land. Has for the prophet, by their fruit you shall know them. let’s just see how things go. The word of God will never fall to the ground. Remember when a man of God talks, the wise listens. Who are we to judge a true or a false prophet? Naija go better. Let dream it.

  16. I 1da how some pple who can not see beyound their nose will come up with trash like this.Accepted we have bad leaders and all the so called prophet dose is predicts doom for the entire Leaders of Nigeria in a new year.I bet you the message is not from God because Nigeria is not doomed.His message has no future and different from other men of God.Some pple here like OJO are already exonerating Mr President and conderming all those Mentioned.God is God and can never be a Man.

  17. My good pple of naija i dey salut una. A beg i 1nt ask una dis questn na wetin de wory us? Babagida rul naija we say naim brng korption, Abacha com rul we say d man wiked and som of dey fear mak we no die. Obj enta we crit6s, now na prst GEJ we na democrat we don de luk 4 evolution or revolution na una sabi. But 1tn i 1nt tel una b sa weda na revlusion mak we think 2wiz. If say i de lie go ask egypt dem body hw e dey even der cun2ri neva get peace.libya sef na anoda one we dem don destroi, de no fit replasam easily. Ofcos any we de crit6s na 4 we puket I no say we no fit crit6 but mak we doam resonebly.som no get respect 4 our leader.but rememba he who points his felow man wit 1 finga d oda 3 de point am. Most of the prblms we hav is lak of trust n wrong profesy.naija na we country.lets respect our leaders n pray 2 God 2 mak our land beta.if we remov him wil anoda b beta n we wil nt crit6. I bet una dat person una wan put may even b worst. My people our c ountry go beta by Gods power.nothing last 4eva.let us not giv rom 4 intanational thief 2 use it as advantage 2 tak our resourses 4 dem country. He whose house is on fire does not pursue rats.

  18. God knows best! He has d key 2 d hrt of d numba 1 citizen. Fellow Nigerians, contribute ur quota as an individual nd live d rest. Beta dayz ahead…

  19. Evry prophecy 4rm God is meant 2 turn ppl back 2 God & restore dat wch dey hv lost as a result of sin, idolatry or immorality. Remember, it is not d wil of God 4 any 2 perish but 4 al 2 cm 2 d knwledge of truth. Wat den is d purpose of dis prophecy? Pls note dat wen a man of God is speaking, dose who hv d spirit of God wl certainly understand. As 4 dis prophecy, me o i dnt understand o… Abraham didnt rejoice wen God wanted 2 destroy sodom but he interceeded 4 dem. Moses was not happy wen God wanted 2 destroy Isreal on mount Sinai but interceeded 4 dem. D same wt Elijah, he did evrytin possible 2 restore Isreal bck 2 God on mount Camel during d time of Ahab & Jezeebel. A Prophet of God is called 2 stand btwn God & man, even wen he predicts, it is supposed 2 b 4 d purpose of restorin dem bck 2 God & not 2 rejoice @ their calamity. Any prophet who rejoices wen God wants 2 bring judgement/punishment on a nation or an individual, watch him closely, he is nt 4rm God.


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