Photos: Young Nigerian Builds Light Aircraft In Bayelsa State

965618_vlcsnap-2013-01-27-20h24m34s214-300x225_jpegd10598fa092de636e9423cb3375b9ed0The Niger Delta is synonymous with mostly two things – Crude Oil and Youth restiveness but a young man from Brass LG in Bayelsa state, is changing that perception and it can get better if only he gets all the necessary support.

Ifiemi Felagha, 36, built a light plane in the comfort of his homestead. The young man who works with an oil servicing firm, spent his leisure time over the past 8 years to bring his dream project – a light plane – to fruition which he named ‘Destiny.’

According to Felagha’s parents, they noticed from his childhood that he loved putting different things together although he achieved his latest feat even without a tertiary education.

The aircraft is however yet to take-off because Ifiemi is not a trained Pilot. He is now consulting with aviation experts but for now, he keeps moving the aircraft on his make-shift runway.



  1. I am of the opinion that the ministry for youth development or the federal government should fish out these talents and support them into school of strategic studies for them not to waste for lack of funds.

  2. wonderful. Dat is great of urs. Now d govnt of our country ar not sensitive to any technological development in our country., but i wish they should assist dis man, may b little by little our country ll nt be imported good consuming nation.

  3. We have talents in 9ja but no good government,remember Damion Anyanwu he produced transmiting machine(radio Mbaise)i can still remember mbaise battries.where are they now? we lost them due to lack of government support,God bless Nigeria.

  4. Gud Idea, like in d words of F. Kennedy, think of what u can do 4 ur government and not what your government will do 4 you. you,ve got the idea, build it.

  5. I love you Brother Don’t give up” whether the government helps us or not there can’t stop us from flying our Ultralight aircrafts’

    We must continue this innovation until the eyes of the government opens.

  6. If its Govt we are waiting for we won’t do anytin,its up to Naija Youths to get themselves up n do sumtin today…..Let d govt loot all the money they can,we still gon be brillant than most of their dumb kids ryt

  7. Its time President Jonathan wake up from slumber and truely move Nigeria forward by assemble young Nigerians
    capable to performs wonders through inovation. It doesnt requires University degree before ones can be creative .It is a special gift from God. Nigeria Government had fail to reach her potentials because too much emphassy always placed on certificate No wonder most Nigeria go any length to forge certificate to become minister .The case of Minister of Aviation is one out of millions example, and leads nigeria to no where but global disgrace, Infact the recent 50 or 10 billion USD missing at NNPC also prove Jonathan Administration continually romancing corruption and stop shield the office of presidency with people of question characters bunch of thieves , 419, ritualist, kidnappers, pipe vandalist and let your name be written in good book . if the situation not curtail very soon may lead to the administration political downfall. Stella Oduah still parade herself as Aviation minister under president watch shame on Jonathan. Lastly, just one billion USD can do wonder in creating first class nigerians inovation centers in research tecchnological development in the country.Mr President the only chance left was to prove your worth and to consolidate economic tranformation in 2014 otherwise forget it.


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