Photo: The Story Of The Odd Suit Messi Wore To The 2012 Ballon D’Or

The suit you see in the picture below is what Barcelona forward, Lionel Messi, wore to the Ballon D’Or ceremony that was held in Zurich this Monday. So much noise have been made about this odd suit.
It does appear from his fashion choices for the past two years, that the mesmeric Argentine, is better at football than buying suits.

For the 2011 edition, he was a wine coloured suede jacket, but for the 2012 ceremony, the 25-year-old stepped out in a red polka-dotted suit, that did not sit well with a lot of people who watched.

With the outfit he climbed the stage, to receive his fourth consecutive Ballon D’Or prize. Do you think he cares?



  1. If you cant beat this guy you better join him. Why criticizing him for God sake. This guy is good, what else do the world need. I just believe the saying that there is nothing you do that can please the world.
    Up MESSI

  2. cr7, should have seen see the writing on the wall very clear, messi have been creating, destroying breaking, and setting new records, no one even the past & present footballers could b able to break a record gerd muller hold 4 a decade well derserve perfectly done, fifa i salute for it.. I think it’s lionell messi time.


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