Nigerians To Get Identification Numbers


The National Population Commission, NPC, has commenced a comprehensive biometric capturing of all Nigerians, with a view to allocating every Nigerian number that would be associated with him or her from birth to death, this the commission believes will curtail insurgency and other criminal challenges confronting the country.

Disclosing this in Abuja, Chairman, NPC, Chief Festus Odimegwu said the biometric capturing would also be applied to all people resident in Nigeria.

According to him, the biometric identification would help to streamline the large and uncontrolled influx of foreigners into the country and reduce the scope of kidnapping, armed robbery and Boko Haram sect’s activities in the country.

“We are going to do for the first time in Nigeria a comprehensive biometric census. To record all Nigerians, their biometrics, give them one number that will follow them from birth to death,” he said.

Nigerians have been commenting on the biometric capturing embarked on by the NPC with many saying they wonder what the duty of National Identity Management Commission, NIMC is if the NPC will be the one allocating identification numbers to Nigerians.


  1. I do hope that all those that strongly believe in the illuminati or the 666 will come out to register themselves as I see this as a way of taking account of who is a nigerian and the estimated population.

  2. we need to grow up nigerians,will need to understand the difference between iluminati,666 and civilization….npc should go ahead with the identification has alot of significance for the positive development of our country

  3. In other words: come and give your identity to corrupt officials. A government plagued with corruption is asking for your ID. Good luck with that! I say, solve corruption problems and restore sanity in the society. What is the guarantee that your ID is not going to be sold to a Joe Shmo in OShodi market? Answer: None.

    Nigeria this is more than national ID. What is behind 6 is more than 7. Be warned!

  4. Lets be wise and be on the alart. What happened to our national identification card, local govt. of origin or birth certificate?…and why must it be an ‘identification number’?. We are living in the last days and things are happening… Or is the illuminati taking over Nigeria so soon?. We are all Nigerians and living in a country where every body is a suspect. How Will the identification mark help to track robbers and kidnappers.. Is it on the forehead, hand or where?. Western civilization is savouring the black race.


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