Nigeria in a state of disgrace – Cardinal Okogie

okogieThe Archbishop of Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos, Anthony Okogie, has said that the government has no excuse for failing to provide its citizens with basic amenities, noting that they are only jostling for power.

The cleric said this Sunday that their excessive ambition was at the expense of the welfare of the citizenry.

He warned that the continuous neglect of the welfare of the majority of Nigerians by the nation’s leaders might lead to further disasters.

Okoogie in a communiqué issued in Lagos, noted that the leaders had failed to provide Nigerians with basic needs of life in the previous year.

He blamed the rate of kidnapping, corruption and insecurity in the country on “absence of purposeful leadership“.

He enjoined political players to devote more time to serving the nation rather than jostling for power over the 2015 general elections, which is still far away.

His words: ‘‘Nigeria is in dire state of disrepute. It appears there is no government’s presence at the three tiers and yet the nation’s political leaders claim that all is well.

“Our youth are already being led astray, they are like sheep without shepherd and yet they are told that they are the leaders of tomorrow. How can they lead well if they are not given good examples to follow?

“Many of our schools have now become breeding grounds for all sorts of immorality. This is unacceptable,” he said.

Speaking, the respected cleric lamented that though the nation was richly blessed with human and natural resources, its leaders are not making life easy for its citizens.

“There is no justification for government’s failure to provide its citizens with the basic amenities of life, such as good roads, affordable housing, constant power supply and gainful employment,” he added.

While praying God to shower His blessings on his people and offer protection to Nigerian citizens for the country to enjoy lasting peace and unity in 2013. The cleric urged every Nigerian to pray for peace and progress of the nation.


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