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At Microsoft, we’re about helping customers realize their potential. From gamers to governments, moms to mega-corporations, we serve just about every kind of customer, all over the globe.

Many people think Microsoft = software. We do do software-but we also do hardware, services, research, and more. We work on PC operating systems and applications-like Windows and Windows Live. Products for IT professionals and developers-like Windows Server and Visual Studio. Online services such as Bing and MSN. Business solutions like Office and Exchange. And devices like Xbox, keyboards, webcams, and mice. We’re passionate about what we do.

What this means if you come to work here is opportunity-to do things that make a real difference in millions, even billions, of lives. To reach your potential. So why not take a closer look at Microsoft? We think you’ll find that amazing things really do happen here.

Job Description
Job Category: Sales
Location: Nigeria – Non Location Specific, NG
Job ID: 812626-95622
Division: Sales

Describe the focus of your work group and a general description of the work performed by the workgroup.
The Dynamics Lead is responsible and ambassador for the MBS (Microsoft Business Solutions) business within an individual Microsoft Subsidiary.
He/She is the ultimate responsible for all financial aspects, organizational health and change management agent of the MBS business and directly manage Sales, Marketing and Partner organization.
Personal interfacing with Microsoft other operating models such, Enterprise and Partner Group (EPG), Small and Midmarket solutions and Partners group (SMSP), Public Sector, Communication Sector, Services and Marketing & Operations leaders in the Subsidiary as MBS spans and scale through this operating models.
The Dynamics lead represents the subsidiary to MBS Corp Business Group and amplify Microsoft Dynamics product value to partner, customers and Microsoft organization through One Microsoft approach

Why does the role exist?
The Dynamics Lead adds value to Microsoft by producing results across six pillars:
1. Developing and ensuring the execution of the Microsoft Business Solutions strategy and vision for the Subsidiary.
2. Providing the inspiration and leadership for the Dynamics Team in their territory.
3. Driving integration with the Regional and Subsidiary Leadership Teams to amplify Dynamics value.
4. Establishing clear defined metrics and growth targets accountability and driving these through the business.
5. To Co-ordinate the efforts and resources across the marketing, sales, services and channel management
functions to maximize business results.
6. Play an active Change Management role to drive World Class excellence following the Profile of Excellence

The Dynamics Lead will drive success across these six pillars by challenging teams and individuals to execute faster and better than the competition; by innovating in the business imperatives execution and the risk areas for the business; and by stretching the status quo to enable Microsoft Business Solutions to meet aggressive growth targets and exceed market growth.

How does the role add value?
The Dynamics Lead adds value to customers and partners by providing an executive presence and expertise at the Subsidiary level. Success is measured by customer and partner satisfaction (results from NSAT scores and anecdotal feedback), an expanded # of customer and partner executive-level contacts and increased awareness of the Microsoft Dynamics business value proposition in the local market and within targeted industries.

How is role unique from other roles?
1. Its ability to motivate and inspire in a business and in markets that are new, challenging and changing.
2. Its leadership of a team of Managers and their direct reports that is diverse, with a focus on managing and developing diversity of skills, motivations and goals.
3. Its development of short and long-term strategies, based on local market conditions and customer and partner needs.
4. Its ability to demonstrate integrated market thinking, bringing solutions, customers, partners and focus in the ¨Routes to Market¨, defined for Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM offering.

What are key initiatives and challenges facing this role over the next six months to three years?
1. Growing the business by ensuring driving customer additions, revenue and market share goals and objectives.
2. Build a strong Channel, with the right level of capabiltities to rise more opportunitites and accelerate sales
3. Building teams that can produce monthly business results in a reliable and predictable way, following the defined processes and procedures and using the related tools.
4. ¨One Microsoft¨, Working effectively with Enterprise and Partner Group (EPG), Small and Midmarket Solutions and Partners Group(SMS&P), Public Sector, Comm. Sector, Services, Business and Marketing Organizations (M&O) and in coordinated operations to drive revenue and growth targets, optimized sales productivity, penetration goals, deployment objectives and customer and partner satisfaction.
5. Lead Microsoft Innovation through Cloud strategy within Microsoft Dynamics business.

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