Iyanya Clears The Air On Fraud Allegation


Iyanya who was accused by producer of Nigeria’s foremost comedy show, Opa Williams of defrauding him to the tune of N1.7 million, being payment for his performance at “Nite of A Thousand Laughs’ shows which held recently in Benin and Port-Harcourt, has reacted to the allegation.

Speaking to the press last Tuesday following the allegation, Iyanya denied the arrest of his Manager. He however admitted that the police invited them. He said they didn’t spend close to 1 hour at the police station before they were allowed to leave.

Opa Williams reported Iyanya to the police for allegedly collecting N1.7 million from him to perform at ‘Nite of a Thousand Laughs’ shows held in Benin and Port Harcourt. Unfortunately, the reigning afro-hip hop act never showed up at any of the shows.

Iyanya explained that the reason they couldn’t make the Benin and Port Harcourt shows was because they were stuck in traffic while on their way to the venue.

“I didn’t intentionally refuse to show up at the show. What happened was that Opa contacted me to perform at the Benin leg of “Night Of A Thousand Laughs.” We agreed for N1.7million but he paid me only N1.5 million, promising to pay the balance of N200,000,00 after the show. Later, he told me that he wanted us to perform in another show at Port Harcourt but he didn’t pay me for the Port Harcourt show.

“However, I agreed to perform at both shows out of respect I have for Opa and I was in Benin for the show. Unfortunately, while I was on my way to the venue, I got stuck in traffic. That was when I got a call that the show had already ended. Meanwhile, I was scheduled to close the show,” Iyanya claimed.

Contrary to reports that he was paid N1.7m however, Iyanya said, Opa Williams paid him only N1.5 million, promising to pay the balance of N200,000 after the show he never showed up at.

Iyanya said he had since refunded the money to Opa Williams. “Yes, I refunded the money through an Access Bank cheque immediately.”

“When I couldn’t make it to the shows, Opa showed up with some policemen who took us to the police station. And like I said earlier, we didn’t spend close to 1 hour at the station. All they asked for was a refund. There and then, I issued a cheque to Opa which was cashed immediately. They didn’t detain us. I have since apologised to Opa for missing the shows,” Iyanya said.


  1. Lies plenty, only u refunded money by paying 2ru access bank acc only u issue a cheque. U were only invited by police and Opa came wit some policemen and they took u away. WHICH ONE MAKE WE BELEIVE NOW?

  2. U just hav 2 be proactive okay, u are stil a raisin star 4 nw n you are nt there yet, so I would advise dat u go early 2 the venue of ur show in time, cos once u start havin problems with d people promotin ur song brother, then u may nt last in d music industry, remember dat all those fans whom waited 4 u in dat very show make u what u are 2day, am engaged is better then collecting money 4 show then missin frm d show at last, definitely u wil hav an excuss 2 giv why u missed d show, so pls n pls u can do better. Wish u all d best as u move forward. One luv, Cheers

  3. I don’t believe or trust this guy calle Iyanya. That was how he was invited for a show in my scholl last year to perform at the SUG awards night of Federal University of Technology, Minna. He came to Minna and was lodged by the students. He was given everything he demanded for. Only to realize that Iyanya was no longer in the hotel room he was lodged at the time the students went to bring him for the show. On calling him on the phone he claimed he had another show in Abuja. And till noww he hadn’t refunded the monies paid him.


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