Interesting: Lagos Scholarship Board Begs Students to Come and Claim their Money

In a rather interesting development, the Lagos State Scholarship Board has given students of Lagos State origin in tertiary institutions up to January 31 to come for clearance for the 2006 to 2011 scholarships or forfeit same.

This was made known by the Board’s Spokesperson, Mr. Rotimi Olugbuyi, who said that funds had been provided to pay the backlog of scholarships in the state. According to him, “The awardees have been collecting the grants in batches but some of them still have some outstanding… “We have funds to pay the scholarships, we want beneficiaries to come and claim it. Students joke with everything; they do not take things seriously.

“Any awardee who fails to come for clearance on or before January 31 may forfeit it,’’ he added.

Olugbuyi also requested those given scholarships to come with progress report from their institutions, passport-size photographs and identity cards for the clearance. It has been disclosed that Undergraduates are to be given N200, 000 each; post-graduate students N300, 000 each; and doctoral students, N400, 000 each. Perhaps these particular awardees are too rich to consider such amounts worthy of any serious considerations


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