“I’m Not Slow, I Think Properly Before I Do Things” – President Jonathan

Nigeria’s president, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, has finally given an explanation for his perceived ‘slowness’, which has left a lot of the country’s citizens frustrated and angry.


Jonathan was speaking at a church service to mark the New Year celebration in Abuja, and equally vowed to improve on the speed with which he attends to issues.

“Sometimes, people say this government is slow,” he said. “Yes, by human thinking, we are slow, but I can say that we are not slow.

“Government must think things properly before it acts. When you don’t think through things properly, or when you rush, you will make mistakes.

“It is more difficult to correct errors. You can ask those who build houses. Government will not, because of the perception, begin to rush.”


  1. Its good to think well, but sir u are spending too much time on it. Electricity, Security and the cost of Transportation is on zero level. What will u be remembered for if one of this three is not done?

  2. Mr President, I pray that God Almighty will give you divine speed and accuracy coupled with His wisdom
    not to do things well but rightly. God bless you sir. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  3. Mr president are you saying all the mistakes that are being made in terms of security, power, poverty and unemployment in this country have not been given a thought ?

  4. it is good to think sir I know u re trying ur best but ur best re not good enough I also understand that Nigeria is not a one bedroom flat .pls we need power supply .God bless u as u keep to ur promises in 2011 God bless Nigeria


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