Enugu Government Blasts Group Over Letter On Chime’s Whereabouts

Enugu-gov.-chimeAs the whereabouts of Mr.Sullivan Chime, governor of Enugu state continues to be a mystery, the State Government has dismissed as a non-issue, a letter purportedly written by a group, Save Enugu Group, to the Acting governor, Sunday Onyebuchi, asking him to address the state on the whereabouts of its governor and demanding that a delegation be sent to visit him.

In a statement signed by Chukwudi Achife, Chief Press Secretary to Governor Chime, the state government said though it did not intend to join issues with those it described as “habitual attention-seekers,” it was obvious that having realised that their media attacks had not achieved their intended results, they had now chosen to issue baseless statements as a group.

The statement read:  “Government does not intend to join issues with these habitual attention-seekers. This is, at best, the coming together of men whose views on the incumbent government are well-known and always predictable.

“It is obvious that having realized, perhaps most painfully, that their media attacks have not achieved their pre-determined goal, they have now chosen to issue a statement as a group.


  1. as a follower & chitizen of de state dey hav de right to know de whereabout of there leader or governor who dey voted to power to govern them, so mr deputy stop saying corck & bull story & tel dem de whereabout & situation of gov chime. nigeria political corruption is growin worst evryday, y de cover up? na wah 4 de my beloved country oo

  2. I wonder what kind of leaders Enugu state indigence voted into power that they can not request to know where he is ooo, This guys are bunch of educated illiterates or the governor probably bought his way to the government house, so now is pay back time for the indigence. So sad

  3. What kind of country are we living in? The people of Enugu state should rise up against this political jobbers in Enugu government house and demand to know where their governor is. It ia pity that what happened to Nigeria when Yaradua was sick is happening to Enugu state.
    The consolation is that this will come to an end one day as it happened in the case of Yaradua. But I sympathise with Bar. Chime and his family.


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