Charly Boy At It Again, Releases Shocking New Photos

Popular Nigerian entertainer Charly Boy is at it again, this time releasing some shocking new photos. The controversial 60 year old entertainer has been in the news recently for the shocking photos he releases to the public, what do you think of this set of photos?


  1. I think everyone has his/her to whichever way he/she chooses. You reporters need to give all these people a break. I feel u are the one indirectly encouraging them as they know u will publicize whatever they say, do or wear. Today is Tonto Dikeh, next is Cosy, next is Charly Boy etc. Ignore whatever their action that will not add value to our existence, IQ, etc. LET THEM BE and u will some seriousness in them. Sometimes, they are looking for cheap popularity.
    However, some may just do something for the fun of but u guys create mountain out of a molehiill. Anybody can dress as he/she likes…..

  2. lets call a spade a spade. I mean, charly is no longer a boy. I can’t imagine that a man of about 60yr old could stil act this way. Let a child behave like a child and let adults hold their stand too.

  3. Were oo,were(mad man).maa wole maa rora!Pls what is wrong with this grandpapa?He should leave all these 4 his grandchildren nao.Abi what is the meaning of this?Chei!And na impt person born dis one o.what a pity.

  4. I pray for his soul. May God Almighty change him just the way Saul was changed to Paul, and may he preach Gods word to the younger generation. Amen!


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