Boko Haram Kingpin Nabbed In Former Rep’s House

House of RepsA major milestone has been achieved in the fight against the dreaded Jamaatu Ahlil Sunna Lidawati wal Jihad, otherwise known as Boko Haram, with the arrest of one of the sect’s suspected leaders, Hassan Pagi Bukar, at the residence of a one time member of the House of Representatives (names withheld) in the Gwarimpa area of the Federal Capital territory, FCT, Abuja. gathers that the Boko Haram alleged leader was arrested along with the security guard of the erstwhile lawmaker.

Although the former lawmaker was said to have been briefly arrested and interrogated, he has since been a daily visitor to the security agency that effected the arrest.

Bukar, we learnt has given some useful information on the modus operandi of the sect. For instance, the suspect reportedly disclosed, upon interrogation, that his brief as a sect member was to “carry out robbery activities by dispossessing members of the public of their cars”.

The suspect, who was described as a mere gateman in the former House of the Reps member’s residence, was said to have been “employed from Sokoto”.

According to a source, Bukar’s statement allegedly indicted his employer who he said “also buys some of the cars from him (Bukar) when they are stolen”



  1. Untill there is a legal battle against inequality in nigeria, there is hardly to be reasonable peace. If anybody who breaks the law pays, there would be atmosphere of normality within. What is being tolerated in nigeria is forbiden all over the world. The last good government of nigeria is Abacha regime who was able to arrest Chief MKO Abiola when he commited a crime associated with political felony. Someone who buys stolen goods??? How many rich persons are free from properties of stolen possessions? Why are they free? Why is the ex-speakers free inspite that he stole? If American intelligents did not kill Bin Ladin the problems of america would have been more today. Nobody with a right thinking order would compare the niger delta militants to boko haram. The deltans were being explioted. The boko haram have right to apply their religious ethics to their faithful believers. Burning of churches, killing of christians, looting of public and private properties is a crime against the state that is not needed to be politicised. Most nigerian politicians are thieves and asassins. They would blaim IBB govt for the death of Dele Giwa forgeting Chief Bola Igie that was killed by politicians. The ex rep should be conveyed to the prison immidiately for the crimes he commited.

  2. My sincere hope hope is that this former house of repre member should be dragged to court immediately on chains. It will be very sad and terrible for this country if this man is left off simply due to some jaggons that might soon follow. There are more of his type all over the north

  3. since we now know that boko haram is being sponsored by some prominent Nigerians,like the ex-rep member whose name was with-held above, he has to be arrested too and tortured in other to get more info about there whereabouts and thrown into prison for the rest of his life.It is only in this country of ours that the rich and wealthy go free when they are guilty of an offence and are given awards for there incompetence and greed.Mr president i hope you are doing something to arrest/prosecute this ex-rep member that was found harbouring a killer/robber or do you want to remain weak all your life!please do something!


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