Boko Haram Ceasefire: Military Authorities Want One Month Peace Guarantee

CDSThe ceasefire declaration by Sheikh Mohammed Abdulazeez Ibn Idris, a purported second-in-command to Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau on Monday, is currently been subjected to a one month test by military authorities.

Chief of Defence Staff, Admiral Ola Sa’ad Ibrahim gave this indication in Abuja while speaking to journalists. He said if the sect could give a one-month guarantee of peace, then authorities would consider talking to them.

“There are certain objective tests we think that will make sense. Let us assume that we can have a long period of about one month where no bomb explodes, where nobody is shot, nobody is beheaded. Where no church is bombed and where no mosque is threatened, if they can guarantee one month, then we can begin to talk. So we must take this (ceasefire) with a lot of caution,” he said shortly after opening a two-day seminar on national security at the National Defence College.
“But we hope whatever that must have brought this about will further enhance our security. So, we are a bit excited about it but we are taking everything with a lot of caution” he noted.


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