Apostle Bashed For Using Prayers To Snatch Another Man’s Wife

A man from found himself a ‘bachelor’ again when his wife of seven years deserted him for a church apostle who had convinced him into believing that he was praying for evil spirits tormenting their marriage.


The woman, Cecilia Ngwenya, allegedly introduced Victor Nyika to her former husband Dzingayi Gororo as an apostle of Harvest House Church. The unsuspecting husband reportedly believed his wife and Apostle Nyika became their regular visitor who joined them in their prayers.

A reliable source chose to Ngwenya and Gororo revealed that the latter then started smelling a rat after discovering the two were spending more time together and there was more to what met the eye.

“Gororo started his private investigations and he discovered that his wife had lied to him and Nyika was not an apostle of neither Zaoga nor Harvest House Church. He then decided to follow his wife whenever she left home so as to ascertain what she was up to. he got the shock of his life when he followed his wife to a salon and caught her with the ‘apostle’,” claimed the source.

When he confronted the two seemingly ‘lovebirds’, Nyika tried to cool him down saying he should not be troubled as what he was doing was for his benefit.

“Apostle Nyika told Gororo that he was removing some evil spirits from his wife which were responsible for their marital problems. After catching him in such a place, Gororo became angry and assaulted Apostle Nyika,” said the source.

Realising that their affair had been discovered, Ngwenya allegedly moved out of their matrimonial home to stay with the apostle. When Gororo was contacted for comment, he confirmed that he was deserted by his wife.

“The mother of myn four-year-old child deserted me for a false apostle who was pretending to be praying for our marriage. It pains me whenever I remember that I used to pray with my enemy. My wife had introduced this guy to me as an apostle and we prayed together for a week before everything started to unfold,” narrated the heartbroken man.

When reached for comment, Ngwenya refused to say something pertaining to the issue. “I have no comment,” she said.

A man who claimed to be Ngwenya’s husband immediately hung up the phone and did not comment.



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