[Opinion] What’s So Bad In Celebrating The Birth Of Jesus Christ? Baal Worship They Call It


Christmas is always a happy moment for people everywhere in the world, religion notwithstanding. It’s a time people look forward to. It however baffles me why some in the Christian faith have chosen to rubbish the celebrations or its essence.

I have read articles where the authors referred to Christmas as Roman Catholicism while he claimed Catholicism is different from Christianity. He said further that Christmas is Roman Catholicism and that it came wholesale from Babylon and it is about Tammuz (also called Dumuzi) ‘demonized’ as Baal by Satan, and which Tammuz was born on 25th of December and celebrated same day in ancient Sumerian, Babylonian and Assyrian until Rome brought it to the ‘church’ masking it with ‘Jesus’ to lead many astray.

While I’m not writing to contend with his claims that Roman Catholicism is different from Christianity, I very much disagree with his claim that Tammuz was born on December 25. Until anyone can prove to me that the Babylonian or Assyrian Calendar where the December 25 date was Tammuz’s birthday is the same as the Gregorian calendar we now use, I will always disagree.

Whichever day Jesus Christ was actually born, does it really matter? It saddens my heart why Christians divide on issues like this; issues resolvable with common sense.

We don’t have to get spiritual about everything! What’s in a birthday for heaven’s sake? People born on February 29 still grow a year older even years when their 29th isn’t on the calendar. My point here is the person whose birthday you are celebrating and what he teaches matters when you are celebrating him, the date you celebrate notwithstanding.

We all should get out of mediocrity and stop arguing if Christmas is part of Christian doctrine or not. We all agree Jesus Christ was born, and of course he was born on a day. He doesn’t have to tell us to celebrate his birthday before we do, and celebrating his birth is to me in no way a sin, in as much as we celebrate it because we want to remind ourselves why he came to the world.

I don’t need to bore you with the details of the article where celebrating Christmas was called Baal worship. If you celebrate your birthday on any day a god was purportedly born, does that mean you worship that god?

These are issues that shouldn’t have a place in our thoughts! I’ve not heard of any Christian gathering where rituals are performed on Christmas to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. What everyone talks about are the lessons we should learn.

We could talk on and on and these people who argue won’t stop, but even if Jesus Christ was not born on December 25, what does it matter? We celebrate Jesus Christ on a day we call Christmas. We don’t celebrate Christmas. If we never had Jesus Christ, we’d never have been celebrating Christmas.

For those whose research has gone so far that they know Jesus was not born on December 25, can they please tell us when he was born? Maybe if their case looks good, we may agree with them and shift Christmas to the day they want, and also rename it since they seem to dislike the name Christmas.

Check here maybe we can learn more about the calendar. The important thing here is we should not celebrate Christmas and forget about Jesus Christ whom we say it’s all about. It’d probably start making sense to people who are just about the date.


  1. Jesus Christ is our Lord and Saviour. It is what commanded us is what we should do as His followers. The Bible did not inform us that Jesus celebrated His birth day. Neither did we read that the Apostles celebrated and instructed Christians to do so. If Jesus wanted to celebrate, he would have lived by example. He only commanded his Apostles and Disciples to comemorate he “last Supper” which instituted before His arrest and subsequent death. His death paved the way for our sins to be forgiven with the hope of life in His promised Paradise. Jesus said His followers should keep doing the “last supper” in rememberance of him. Luke 22:19,20. The Apostle Paul re-echoed Jesus command in 1 Corinthians 11:23-26. In verse 26, Paul said “For as often as you eat this loaf and drink the cup, you keep proclaiming the death of the Lord, until he arrives.” Ofcourse Jesus was aware (from the Scriptures and in the later sad event was on Earth when it occured) that the two birth day celebrations that is recorded were of two bad Kings. In Genesis 40:20-22, Pharaoh hung up the head of his Chief Baker. In Matthew 14:6-10. Herod had the head of John the Baptist presented as a gift to his daughter. After John the Baptist was burried, his disciples reported the horrible incident to Jesus. Read Matthew 14:11,12. Now ask yourself this question: will Jesus ask his follower to celebrate his birth day when the only two that the Scriptures mentions were bad examples to imitate? A slave is not bigger than the Master. Christians who follow the foot-steps of Jesus will shun the celebration of Christmas. Arround the whole world, this annual ritual is held by 80% of people who are not Christians and most dont believe in Jesus. The commercial world is the greatest beneficiary of Christmas. Christmas is the period of the year the crime, sexual immorality, motor accidents, huge debt are recorded. Will Jesus be happy about this. No. The Bible is the authority for Christian attitude. Christian must not do anything which the Lord did not command. Remember, the road to destruction is big and many are the ones that goes through its gate. The road to life is narrow and few are the ones that goes through it. The choice whether or not to celebrate Christmas is an individual thing. Choose wisely.

    • Thanx for your long anti catholic write up, but i have only one quastion for you.through out christ’s life on earth,did he build his own house?or where in the bible did he order you to build a house,buy a car or even the net you used to send this your opinion.mind you,any day you do anything that is not in the bible,you are surely a candidate of hell,as for we the catholics,our faith is from two source,the bible and oral teaching,remember the church is older than the bible

      • @osinachi, you are out of your mind. what church is older than the bible? you dont believe that God spoke to His prophets in the past and that people worshipped him from the time of Moses when the record of temple ministration started down to the time of Jesus whom all prophets,psalmist and the laws wrote/spoke about him.
        How can Rome tell spring up to tell much about the doctrine,histroy and event over the Israelis after they have killed all the appostle during the dark ages?
        If the church is older than the Bible,then roman catholic is the author of their religion and by God’s inspiration the Bible was written and was given to the Hebrews.

    • Totally agree with you Onassis. Only 2 birthday celebrations in the Bible, and both of them by evil men, enemies of God, enemies of God’s people. No worshipper of God ever did a birthday from Genesis to Revelation. And not that pagans were not doing birthdays all around them. They were, as the 2 sentinel accounts prove. Be wise, people. Jumping on this Christmas bandwagon is one mistake too many, one step long overdue for reversal, in the name of the Christ.

      • @Uche – Sorry to inform you that the Bible mentions birthday celebration for the godly. Job 1: 4 says “His sons used to go and hold a feast in the house of each one on HIS DAY…” This is a reference to each of Job’s sons celebrating his birthday. If you are in doubt that HIS DAY means birthday, consider Job 3:1 which says that Job cursed HIS DAY which the next verse indicates to be referent of his birthday. The writer of the book of Job evidently uses the phrase as his personal way of referring to birthday.

        Based on the foregoing, it is noteworthy that Job did not refrain his children from celebrating their birthdays which evidently means he saw nothing wrong in it. It was what he supposed they could have wrongly done during the celebration that he always atoned for, which could actually be committed during any other celebration because of youthful exuberance.

        Finally, please let us stop presuming the Lord by saying because He did not instruct on something then it is wrong to do it. No, rather, if He has instructed against anything, that is the only time it is wrong to do such a thing. Whatever he has not instructed on is left to each individual’s conscience and convictions. He deals with us individually in those things. In such situations, whoever knows to do good and does it not, TO HIM (not to everyone) it is sin. James 4:17. In other words, if your conscience revolts at anything that the Lord has not specifically instructed on, but you go ahead and do it, then it is sin to you. Another Christian whose conscience does not trouble him on the same is free from guilt if he does the same thing. As a matter of fact, even something that is not wrong of itself or generally, becomes wrong to you, if your conscience does not feel right with it and you do it in spite.

        Similarly also, let us stop presuming that because bad things were recorded to have occurred at the birthday celebrations of two figures (while I will concede to you characterizing Herod as evil, I do not agree with you on Pharaoh. Contrary to your claim, their is no record in the Bible that could be used conclusively to prove that the Pharaoh of Joseph’s time was evil. It is very presumptuous to conclude that just because he executed one of his servants that erred. How do we know really that the beheading of the servant was bad. The Bible never records his offence. Who knows if his offense justly deserved the death penalty?) in the Bible then it means birthday celebration is ungodly. At the worst, it could only mean human celebrations have the tendency, if not prayerfully managed, of inducing to sin. This is exactly the reason why Job would offer sacrifices for his sons after their celebration rather than condemning the celebration. Moderation should therefore be the watchword when celebrating for those who would. And those who feel they cannot should refrain totally. Either should not condemn the other. This is the true teaching of Christ. Moreover, let us learn to look and see the good side of things rather than the bad. And let us desist from making an event totally bad just because of one bad thing that happened especially when other good things happened at the same event. Pharaoh’s birthday celebration is a classic example. How come people focus and glorify only the execution that occurred on the day and forget that restoration also occurred for the same event. Or was it not at the same birthday celebration that the other servant was restored who later recommended Joseph to the King. What if the birthday celebration never occurred? Would the other servant have found the opportunity that would have given occasion for his restoration? Nay, human nature is predisposed to seeing evil in things and glorifying it than seeing good and giving God glory in the same event. We would rather characterize an altogether good event by just one bad instance in it. What if the beheaded servant was justly executed? Or are we saying that if justice is served on a person’s birthday, even if it is by authorizing the death of another, then the birthday becomes evil just because a life was lost? Surely death is of itself not a good thing, but when carried out in justice is not an evil thing either.

        Finally, Jesus said “Judge not by appearances; judge righteous judgments.”

  2. Jesus Christ wasn’t born on 25th december neither d season which he was born relates with d period of december. Christmas coined 4rm two words Christ and mass. This is a time the sole called xtains have a mass 4 Jesus. Christmas celebration is a way of remembering the birth of Jesus Christ is not as if he was born that day. It is also applicable 2d day we remember his death and when he was risen. Dont have a doubting mind towards this. As 4 me i dont count it as sin.

  3. So its with these baseless celebrations both from muslims n xtian, i mean maulud n xmas normal activities are put to a standstill,shame unto perpetrators n fabricators

  4. whether the devil like it or not we must celebrate christmas. is jst mass or service in celebration of JESUS coming 2 d world. any how u practice ur own christainity rem dat it’s nobody’s culture bt a doctrine 4rm d bible, if nt u ct b diff- 4rm ishelites

  5. Calvary greetings 2 all! JESUS said 2 d woman of Samaria dat “dey worship wat dey do nt know bt d Jews worship wat dey know”- John 4:22. D problem of d world in all ages is dat we receive wateva is given 2 us in d form of worship n begin 2 practice witout knowing it’s significance. Pple says it does nt matter wat or hw we worship provided we r sincere, on GOD side wat or hw we worship matters cos sincerity alone is nt d test 4 true worship as we can b sincerely wrong. D three Hebrews were able 2 identify GOD frm d golden image- Daniel 3:1-30; Joshua did nt count it worthless by choosing d true GOD n right worship- Josua 24:14-15. D scripture says “To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them”- Isaiah 8:20; Our LORD says dat “True worshippers shall worship GOD in Spirit and in truth”- John 4:23. Worshipping GOD in “Spirit” is wen we r baptized wit d Holy Spirit n HE dwell in us 2 enable us 2 obey GOD- Galatians 5:16-18, n in “truth” is wen we worship HIM accorded 2 d standard of HIS word in d Bible- John 17:17. Any worship outside d Bible, pls we must nt practice no matter d merriment attached cos dere r satanic. GOD bless us!


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