Strange: Unknown Person Splashes 1 Million Pound Sterling on Kings College, Edo College

kcIn what can only be described as a mysterious but welcome development, an anonymous donor has given the sum of one million pounds sterling (about N250 million) to Kings College, Lagos, and Edo College, Benin, the British-Nigeria Education Trust (BNET) has said.

This was made know on Wednesday in London by the chairman of the Trust, David Reeves, who said that the donation was for the upgrade of the two schools. Mr. Reeves, who was speaking at a reception organised by the Nigerian High Commission for BNET, a charity, said that the donor specifically requested for the money to be spent on those schools.

His words, “We have been most encouraged by a recent anonymous donation of one million pounds sterling; the donor has charged us with negotiating the use of this very generous amount of money with two of the major schools in Nigeria… The schools are Kings College in Lagos and Edo College in Benin,” he said.

He continues: “We are already in discussion with them and hope to identify a major project in each of them,” Mr. Reeves said. He also added that part of the money would be set aside for scholarship schemes for the less privileged students.





  1. I am an Alumnus of the great Edo College of Benin city. I am very proud of this donation and I hope this funds will be used judiciously by the people mandated to expend it. Thanks anonymous donor. I am hoping to do the same soon starting with the orphanage.


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