Stop Worshiping Pastors – Nollywood Actor, Mr Ibu

Nollywood actor John Okafor aka Mr Ibu vented on his facebook page about how people put too much faith in their pastors to solve all the problems and more.

Read below what he wrote and his facebook page and let us know what you think.

STUPIDITY is when you don’t have a bicycle and you give your last penny to your pastor to buy a jet.

MUMU is when you can’t pay your children’s school fees and yet have money to contribute to your church to build expensive schools which your children will never attend..

IDIOCY is when you refuse to take your very sick child to the hospital because your pastor said you should not do so, yet that same pastor secretly runs to USA for medical attention any time he has a

KOLO is when you see a poor beggar on the road and you refuse to give him 50 naira out of the 5000 naira in your pocket because it is your tithe money….

YOU are a zombie when you trek,dance and gallivant for 30 kilometers under the hot
sunsweating and smelling like poo during your revival program, while your pastor is inside a full
option, factory fitted air-conditioned state of the art SUV with his delectable wife slow driving along the road.

IGNORANCE is when you believe it when your pastor tells you not to live a worldly life, yet he enjoys all the best things in the world;the fine houses, cars, jets, babes etc, while you are waiting till you get to heaven to enjoy your own….

Stop worshiping your pastors!!! Stay focused on Jesus The author and finisher of your Faith.And learn to study the word. – John Okafor (Nollywood).


  1. You have said the truth yet they won’t believe,they would rather call u names. They now worship their pastors advertising they instead of Jesus Christ our Saviour. Paul,they gr8test apostle of all times avoided affluence n convenience n choose “preaching,suffering,etc for Christ Jesus at all times”

  2. Especially the so called winners abi na livin faith that worship oyedepo all you should remember God is a jealous God and when you put an ordinary man before God its only a matter of time before things will fall apart. All of them so called pastors be warned! Yes God is patient and slow to anger but one day your cups shall be filled!

  3. I really don’t get it in this part of the world. Is it a crime to be a black person? We do things upside down in this part of the world. You don’t need a pastor or church for salvation. You need christ and the holy spirit to live a good life and to get to heaven to see God. If you have lost your holy spirit, fast and pray for your holy spirit to return back.


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