Sanusi Blows Hot Again: I Said Reduce Number Of Political Appointees Not Civil Servants

Call it a case of jumping from frying pan to fire, but CBN governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi’s latest rebuttal of his controversial statement over the week where he purportedly called for the sack of half the country’s work force, will still land him in hot waters – this time, with the political elite.

Sanusi, while speaking to Channels Television’s correspondent, Chukwuma Onuekwusi, in London at the end of the 13th session of the Honorary International Investors council meeting, said that those calling for his sack “are shying away from the reality of the time”.

Also clearing the air on his statement, Sanusi said he was not talking about the sack of civil servants but a reduction in the size of political appointees who take 70 percent of government revenue leaving a mere 30 percent for the 160 million Nigerians.

According to him “what Nigeria is practising is an American system of government that is very expensive”.




  1. @Sanusi, you are on point sir. My submission is this, a developing nation such as ours, whereby you have 100 senators and 400 legislators (as earlier indicated) to make laws @ the expense of over 150,000 million Nigerians is simply wasteful. If the 70percent of the Nation’s revenue goes for their salaries and allowances, with this statistics, we are heading nowhere to the development we need. Throw sentiments to the wind, Sanusi comes up with good researches n proffer solutions to it. This country as at now, does not need this huge amount of money spent on 500 law makers. Methink, the number should be reduced to the bearest minimum. Let it circulate to every citizen, if properly harnessed and utilized well, i mean our abundant Natural resources and others untapped. God Bless Nigeria. Nigeria go beta.

    • We don’t have trouble with the number.It is their pay,allowance and the number of people serving them that take the bulk of the money.Scale down their pay and their total take home for the month and allowances to them and their workers.If we can do this we can also save some money for development in other areas to create jobs for the young and graduating Nigerians. Sanusi may be wrong in other areas because he has no good image before Nigerians but this case has been coming up between him and the law makers and they know he is saying the obvious.They should not shift the blame to Sanusi.If they are honest to themselves let them go ahead and discuss the case with Nigerians or go ahead and reduce their salary and Allowances

  2. Though it was a misconception. But I get to understand that the elite themslves knew that sanusi was right but the avenue in other word method he use to pass the messege is what they are disturb about.

  3. That’s right! But the problem is; the number of political appointees won’t get curtailed, because, our govt. despise humanity but creates a lot of social biases that can even bring about socio-political unrest in country.

  4. As long as this mo’fucka zzz continue to live, the embezzling, stealing etc will continue. Obj, IBB, Abdusallam, Tinubu, all of em mo’fuckazz deserve what happened to ghadafi period

  5. sanusi is a positivist. Nigerians must take positve steps to deal with politcal issues. Politcal problems require positve action by all the people not only the CBN Boss.

  6. Sanusi is right. d political elites are milking d nation dry. Political appointees / senators / legislators shod b reduced by 50%. Senators & legislators shod b on part-time, or we’ll remain a developing nation. enough is enough.


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