RUDE!!! D’banj Insult Fans Over Koko Concert Flop

Despite the problems encounter before getting to the show venue, D’banj who recently put up a flopped show on the Island recently was said to have insulted his fans.


His woeful performance aside, many of fans, who stayed awake all night to see him perform at the concert and those watching the live stream of the event on NdaniTV, said Dbanj’s worst blunder of the night was when he said: “The people wey pay me money na dis side dem dey” (those that paid me are on this side) while apologising to those at the VVIP section of the concert for below-par arrangement made for them.

At a point he even asked those at the popular and VIP sections to apologise to those at the VVIP for the inconvenience they suffered. Fans at the popular section and VIP paid 5,000 and 20,000 respectively. Many of his fans who felt insulted reacted sharply:

“Disgusting that he only keeps apologising to VVIP. The 5K ticket holders are the real fans and the ones promoting his music . Shame,” said a fan tweeting from @Rebl_jade.

“Dbanj needs to stop acting the fool with this VVIP thing. So rude!” said @EniolaHundeyin

“And he had the nerve to ask the 5k & 20k people to aplogise to the VVIPs. I say it, the concert was an allegory for Nigeria as a whole,”said Tola Sarumi tweeting from @AfroVII.

“Only in naija (Nigeria) you pay for something and STILL get insulted. Customer appreciation? Absolute zero,” said a fan tweeting from @kennagq

“Call me a hater but Dbanj is too big of an artist to be putting out mediocre shows like that!! #kokoconcert,” said @natashamutale

“This guy better not be planning to drop any album soon. People will refuse to even bootleg it,” said Tome Buluku tweeting from the handle @IamTome.
“There’s def no koko concert next year sha. Not with this crap,” said Yemi O tweeting with the handle @mimio193

“D’Banj speaks like Igbo man from Iweka Road now,” said Onyeka Nwelue.
“@iamdbanj sold more VIP & VVIP tickets than d no of seats available..we had to hustle for seats..pathetic,” said Tokunbo Otitoju tweeting from the handle@fimiletoks

“In Koko Concert, Money can’t buy class. LOL. 1M for table no mean you no go do endurance trek to and fro,” said @Shimoshi1.


  1. Dbanj never made any comment YET…. people are just making stories of statement he never uttered.. he never abused anybody at all, he never abused any fan of any kind… he never did any of such … please banj minders were u all @@@@@@@ … people u need to come out to save Dbanj from is online enemies…. its like they were paid to do all this.. dbanj never insulted any body … he loves you all… i spoke to him on the phone minutes ago.. he never insulted any one.. he states to me 99.9% of the statements going online are from people whom were paid to do all of their rubbish… he never abused any of is fans… you people do not understand online business.. if you do then you would know that anyone can come online to upload statements !!!… he loves you all and would give a live speech ASAP.

  2. Daniel Attah, seems U̶̲̥̅̊ ar sick, if U̶̲̥̅̊ no get sense why U̶̲̥̅̊ no go rest and keep quiet? U̶̲̥̅̊ talkin as if U̶̲̥̅̊ ar close to dbanj,U̶̲̥̅̊ dis mumun, why U̶̲̥̅̊ no come go to the concert? Idiot. Abeg kip quiet if we ar talkin abt wht hapend at d concert owk?

    • Mr..kclub… you do not seem to get d point.. dbanj never abused is fans.. i am not sick…i have got sense up and down my stairs.. i am not talking as if i am close to dbanj rather i am stating to u what is on ground and not what you people claim on him when he has apologized for d little mishaps which is most times bound to happen most especially in a country where we do not have a hall to host events like d Grammy …. or do you think we are not worth to own such an even center??? u called me a mumu!!! idiot!!! some people are just rat heads (asin) ugly as shit… i just hope you are not 1.. peace


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