Pakistani Punishment: Boy Beaten To Death For Lateness, Farmer Fed To Dog For Rudeness

A school boy was beaten to death by a teacher for being late to school in Pormianan village in Hasanabdal town of the Punjab province in Pakistan. He succumbed to injuries in a local hospital.

Mohammad Hasnain, the eighth-grade pupil who was punished by his physical training teacher for his lateness was taken to a local hospital where he died late Saturday night. The teacher is absconding.

In another incident in Multan district of the Punjab province of Pakistan, a farmer was thrown to savage dogs as a form of punishmentfor rudeness by a local landlord and his son.

Allah Bakhash, along with his son Asif, the local landlords, attacked Mohammad Hanif, a farmer and later threw him to the dogs.

Hanif was taken to a hospital in Shujabad where the required medicines were not available and his wounds turned gangrenous. He was then admitted to Nishtar Hospital in Multan, where he died.

The police, instead of registering a case against the landlord, filed a case of molesting and attacking a feudal lord against the victim.

However, the police later told the local media that they were investigating the matter and would soon lodge a case against the landlord and his son.

The constitution prohibits torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment but such cruel incidents have been rampant in Pakistan.

Police and lower courts in the Asian country largely remain corrupt, inefficient and subject to pressure from wealthy, prominent and political persons.



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