Orji Uzor Kalu Is A Disgrace To Igbo, Abia – Gov. Theodore Orji’s Aide

The exchange of sour grapes between former Abia state governor, Orji Uzor Kalu and his installed successor, Theodore Orji, took a different dimension as the latter’s Special Adviser on Public Communication, Mr Ben Onyechere, has celebrated the rejection of the move to re-admit Orji Kalu into Abia Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, fold.

Onyechere took a swipe at the former governor accusing him of being the brain behind the botched presidential aspiration of 2nd Republic vice-president, Alex Ekwueme in 2003. He said the rejection of Orji Kalu was in the interest of Igbo and Abia in particular.

“Igbo cannot afford to allow a character like Kalu to continue to misrepresent us and thereby, smear our collective image, with actions that are inimical to our collective fate,” he said.

“Remember that he was in the fore front of those who allegedly thwarted Ekwueme’s second attempt for the presidency in 2003, which he did without apology or remorse because it suited his interest at the time.

“With people like that, Nigerians can not take us serious because his antecedent is contradictory to our collective goal as a people. Leadership is not synonyms with wealth in any sense, but that is the mistake he makes by mixing the two, believing that he can get leadership the same way money is made.

“Abia will not allow anybody from its fold to cause disaffection between Igbos and the rest of the nation, because if you look back, it is not difficult to decipher what Kalu’s plans are which is mainly to disorganise and destabilise the existing peace while playing to the gallery.

“We know he has nothing to lose if he succeeds in bringing disrepute to Abia PDP by fighting unnecessary wars of attrition because his game plan is to deceive the public and cause confusion that can meet his long time heart desire and as such, the door will remain shut at him because the Igbos have been short changed by such unfortunate controversies as can be associated with him.”


  1. I think its idiotic and stupid for theodore Orji to be allowing his glorified servants to be insulting the person of Orji Kalu. I do not know what is wrong with Nigerian politicians. Why trying to bite the finger that fed and nutured you. why? Who are you to stop your boss from doing what he wants, simply because you think you,ve arrived and that you are on top now. Time moves so fast and Theodore will also soon be history, so why all these nonesence. why all these insults. Let us learn in this part of the world to keep respecting our leaders no matter what position we think we are right now. Obama can never insult or allow any of his aides to insult Clinton. That is the world standard.. This clearly shows the type of people that are ruling us presently. Instead of concentrating in governance and giving us the best ,they keep on playing politics of acrimony and spend all the time fighting.

  2. I agree with you sir! Politician we have in Abia state today belongs to 10th world country, their idea towards leaders is so crude and myopic. Its not only the young that should have respect for their elders. Elders too should know they elders and please have respect for them selves. This is not an issue of who made who.

  3. Who asked you what Orji did in 2003 to Ekwueme.while did you not said it all these time now u think its the right time to said it.saboteur!. See man,all of you are the same infact you are the worst. You dine wit devil in the bush and come out and started asking who eat the food. One of the founders of PDP who was in the forefront when u dnt knw what is politics now u are celebrating his rejection to it. Who are you.

  4. Enough of that your stupid insults never do well T.A. ORJI. OUK made you what you are today but you keep on critizing him distructively with your stupid government that is leading Abians to doom. Be warned!!!

  5. Politics is realy a dirty game,follow Nigerians we all knw that things has being turpsy-torphy and is highly conspicous in our country and nt only in Abia state. So Critisism is allow when things goes wrong. bt shld be done constructively

  6. Governor T. A. orji is a stupid man. There is this Igbo adage that says that ‘a man who does not know when rain started beating him will probably not know when it stopped’. Governor Theodor Orji should stop causing trouble in Abia State. He is not the only person that has ever being a Governor. He should know that when you point an accusing finger to somebody, the rest of the four fingers are pointed directly to you – he should not forget that! By the way, what has he done in Abia State that is so wonderful? Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu is not a super-human as to have solved all the problems of Abians in one stretch 8 years in power. President Olusegun Obasanjo did not finish or solved all the problems in Nigeria before leaving power. Please leave Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu alone and build castles in the air so that Nigerians, nay, Abians will see you as the greatest Governor ever governed Abia State. Enough of this nonsense!!

    • Taste and SEE that ODIUKO is EVIL.

      1. Mascot Ikwechegh (father of Mascot Uzor Kalu)
      2. Eleke Chukwu
      3. Law Maduka
      4. Chief Agbarakwe
      5. Chopinson
      6. Oluchi Eze
      7. Ugochukwu Ekwu and many more
      and now BEN ETIE

      They slept with ODIUKO and died. ODIUKO is EVIL.

      More to be killed!

      Men beware!

      Chapt. 9

  7. Orji Uzor Kalu is the biggest tragedy in Abia State and the entire Igboland. He is a shamed dog looking for a face. May God bless Theodore.

  8. The worst governor everly had in abia as a state is T.A orji,I’m highly disappointed on as many who mock orji uzor kalu.


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